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Are All Pipette Tips the Same Size?

Posted on March 28, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
 Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill  
tip loader for pipette tip rack loader
For Laboratory use
Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill 

VWR® Pipet Tips, 1000 µl

VWR, part of Avantor These tips provide maximum sample recovery and minimal fluid retention. For use with most pipettors Sterile tips are endotoxin-free Tips and hinged racks are autoclavable All tips are free of RNase, DNase, and trace metals Transparent polypropylene permits precise viewing of samples. The sterile or non-sterile pipet tips draw and dispense specific volumes by releasing the partial vacuum. Manufactured with different resistance levels, the devices can accommodate even corrosive or viscous materials. Options incorporating filters will block aerosol contaminants to protect both the equipment and sample.


Universal Pipette Tips

Universal pipette tips are disposable and designed to fit multichannel and single pipettes from many manufacturers. Compared to pipette specific tips, universal pipette tips offer high levels of performance and offer versatile uses with many pipette models. Universal Pipette Tips have an innovative tip design for adaptability and compatibility with a wide range of pipettes from different manufacturers. They are also designed to have a very low force requirement for tip loading and tip ejection with pipettes. These Universal Pipette Tips have a profile and dimensions that have been precisely engineered to ensure that the dispensed liquid volume is predictable, precise and repeatable for each and every tip.

1000ul Tips at Thomas Scientific

1000uL Clear Universal Fit Pipet Tips Universal Tips are designed to fit a wide variety of single and multi-channel pipettors, compatible with most popular brands of pipettors. These polypropylene tips are nonpyrogenic and certified to be RNase-/DNase-free. Thomas Scientific 1159M42 SHARP precision barrier tips eliminate false signals and cross contamination caused by aerosols. SHARP tips feature Denville's new low retention polymer technology that virtually eliminates sample retention. Thomas Scientific 1165R39 Tips are manufactured from the finest raw materials using precise production techniques that provide consistent quality performance. Universal fit on research grade pipettors and are great for multichannel pipettors.


100-1000uL Routine Pipette Tips

Producers of Exceptional Quality Laboratory Supplies Print Page Share Link Routine 100-1000uL Pipette Tips Details These 100-1000uL universal fit pipette tips are designed for use with a wide variety of pipettors. The tips are available non-sterile in bulk packs, and sterile or non-sterile in racks. These pipette tips are reliable and will get the job done every time! Use them with the 100-1000ul Pipette! Features and Specifications: Natural Standard 101-1000ul Tip. 96 count. These pipette tips can always be soaked and washed and sterilzed and reused if you are in a money crunch.

ART Barrier Pipet Tip, 1000

Technical Support Customer Service Perform applications consistently and accurately by using Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Barrier Specialty Pipette Tips, which seal when exposed to potential contaminants, trapping them inside the barrier. Thermo Scientific™ ART Barrier Pipet Tip, 1000 Perform applications accurately and consistently with these specialty pipette tips, which seal when exposed to potential contaminants. Precision-molded tips with the Art self-sealing barrier. Guaranteed to prevent carryover contamination during aspiration and delivery of samples. Art tips are ideal for use in genetic studies, forensics, general PCR work and radioisotope sampling. Art tips are available in numerous sizes and styles to meet all your liquid handling needs.


Low Retention Filter Pipette Tips

Low retention pipet tips reduce sample retention by three to five times when compared to ordinary pipet tips. Polymer technology makes the inner surface of the tip more hydrophobic resulting in a significant reduction in sample loss due to adhesion resulting in less liquid retention. Low Retention Pipette Tips are ideal for laboratories working with expensive reagents, viscous liquids, and small sample volumes as they retain no residue. Get more out of your samples by utilizing low retention pipette tips today. Pipette.com offers the best pricing on Low Retention Tips for all Pipettes.

FAQ of Pipette Tips

What is the best way to learn pipetting?

The best first step is to get used to the weight and feel of the pipette with no liquids. I think that the P1000 is the best apparatus to start with. It takes a while to get used to spring action of the plunger. The trickiest part is to get a good gauge of where the first and second stops are and how much resistance occurs at each stop. After getting used to the plunger, it takes awhile to recognize how much pressure it takes to load a tip. It's good to practice loading and ejecting tips from the shaft. I'll do this whenever I use or borrow a new pipette.


How many drops in 1 ml?

By conducting various experiments, pharmacists concluded that 1 ml gives an average of 20 drops per ml, which is 0.05 ml per drop.

How many mg is in a dropper?

A standard 5 ml dropper produces 20 drops per milliliter (20 drops = 1ml (milliliter) = 1000 mg (milligrams)). 1 drop = 50 mg (milligrams) = 50 µl (microliters).

What are Theranos's main products and what do they do?

Theranos claimed to have developed devices to automate and miniaturize blood tests using microscopic blood volumes. Theranos dubbed its blood collection vessel the "nanotainer" and its analysis machine the "Edison".

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