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Are Eppendorf Pipette Tips Universal?

Posted on March 30, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill 

How We Determine What Tip Fits On Your Pipettor

We identify all pipettors that fall into the stated category. For example, all sizes of Oxford BenchMate pipettors. If the volume for the pipettor and tip are correct, then this tip is displayed as a match. Another way to state this is "You try this on your pipettor. If it works, great!" The shape and quality of a tip should match the pipette. A good-fitting tip will reduce the risk of contaminants in the sample. It will also ensure that the pipette is as accurate as it can be. A properly fitting tip should fit on your pipette. If a tip does not fit, it will leak and cause you to waste valuable time and resources. There are an array of pipette tips available in the market and it can become difficult to select an appropriate tip for your application. Not only do you need to find a tip that fits your pipette, you also need to decide on the type of tip and the quality of the tip.


Tips For Pipette Eppendorf at Thomas Scientific

Tips - Eppendorf Sustainability for pipette tips & boxes Liquid-based samples need to be transferred by pipettes. For accurate and clean sample transfer, single-use tips made of polymers are used. For the last decades, these polymer-based consumables are indespensable in molecular labs. MicroPette Universal Pipette Tips: MicroPette Tips are made from high purity virgin polypropylene and are designed for use in a wide variety of pipetting applications. They are tested for compatibility with Eppendorf®, Gilson®/Rainin®, and Thermo Labsystems/Finnpipette® pipettes. Volumes from 0.2 to 10000ul.


Axygen® Pipet Tip Compatibility Chart

Pipettor Brand Axygen®; Sartorius Biohit BrandTech®; Capp Aero Eppendorf®; Pipettor Brand Pipettor; Make Axypet®; Axypet-16 Proline®; eLINE®; mLINE®; Transferpette®; Capp Aero Capp Aero 384 format 16/48/64; Electronic Reference Research; Research Pro; Research Plus; Pipettor Make; Channels: Single-channel; Multi- channel; 16- Multi-channel Pipette.

Biotix® Pipette Tip Compatibility Chart

Biotix pipette tips are compatible with a broad range of industry leading pipettes. The table below represents compatibility among the more recognized brands on the market. Biotix determines compatibility based on fit and function. Tip fit is determined by the ability to mount and eject Biotix tips onto the pipettor. Tip Compatibility Chart: Universal Tips Brochure. Specialty Tips Brochure. Order Tip Samples. Tubes & Plastics. Tubes. Microcentrifuge Tubes. Eppendorf Microcentrifuge Tubes. … Biotix Pipettes : Most Popular Pipettes - Eppendorf Research Plus - Eppendorf Repeater M4 - CAPP Bravo Single Channel Pipettes.


Pipette Tip Adapter Compatibility Guide

The precision and accuracy of even the best calibrated pipette can be wiped out if you choose the wrong kind of tips. Depending on the experiment you are doing, the wrong kind of tips can also make your pipette a source of contamination, lead to waste of precious samples or reagents—or even cause you physical harm in the form of repetitive stress injury (RSI). There are so many different kinds of tips to choose from. How do you know which is the best for your pipette and situation? Never fear, that’s what we are here for.


FAQ of Pipette Tips

What is an Eppendorf tip?

Eppendorf™ epT. I.P.S. ™ Reloads Pipette Tips, Eppendorf Quality™, 50-1250μL. Single-use pipette tips for aspirating and dispensing liquids with air cushion pipettes. … ™ Pipette Tips feature packaging that is color coded and corresponds to the color of the control button of the respective Eppendorf pipette.


What tips are compatible with Eppendorf pipettes?

Barrier tips prevent cross-contamination of samples by means of an aerosol filter. They are RNase- and DNase-free and are ideal for handling RNA, PCR applications, and for working with radioisotopes or toxic chemicals. Ten racks containing 8 x 12 tips each are provided. They are compatible with Eppendorf® pipettors.


Are Eppendorf pipette tips Universal?

Pipette tips from Eppendorf are designed to cover all of the specific needs of your samples.

What is a universal pipette tip?

Universal pipette tips are disposable and designed to fit multichannel and single pipettes from many manufacturers. Compared to pipette specific tips, universal pipette tips offer high levels of performance and offer versatile uses with many pipette models.

Are pipette tips interchangeable?

In the past, pipette manufacturers used proprietary tips far more than today. Some older models of pipettors, such as the Vista Labs Ovation™ pipettors and have changed their barrel / nose cone design so that Universal Fit tips will now work on their current models.


Are Eppendorf pipette tips autoclavable?

Pipette tips, racks and reloads are damaged and deformed if they are autoclaved in their packaging. Remove the packaging foil before autoclaving. Do not use any additional disinfectants before autoclaving the boxes and racks.

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