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Are Filter Tips Sterile?

Posted on March 31, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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Filter Tips | Laboratory Filtered Pipette Tips

Filtered Pipette Tips. These Filter Tips are the face of pipetting technology. Filtered pipette tips are also referred to as aerosol barrier tips as they are fitted with a filter inside the proximal part of the pipette tip, protecting the pipette from aerosols and aspirating viscous or volatile samples into the shaft. Pipette.com offers the best pricing and promotions on universal Filter Tips for all Pipette brands. Including low retention, extra long, and several other options to suit the needs of your laboratory, Pipette.com has a filter pipette tip for you. View our universal filtered pipette tips now for the best deals. In addition, all filter tips are pre-sterilized by radiation after packaging as added protection for biological samples. Filtered pipettes tips are available for LTS and universal-fit pipettes. Filter Tip Volumes and Styles "Torturous Path" Aerosol Barrier. Aerosol resistant tips use a filter which is manufactured from sintered polyethylene.


Filter Pipette Tips

Filtered pipette tips are guaranteed to produce accurate and precise measurements when used with Rainin pipettes and in accordance with their instruction manuals. Rainin Certified Filter tips meet or exceed minimum standards for: Absence of flash Absence of contamination Surface smoothness and regularity. Safetyspace® Filter Tips tips offer optimal protection for your work from cross contamination and enable you to use the full volume of the tip with any pipetting mode. In addition to protecting your samples, the filter protects your pipette. Filter tips are fitted with pure polyethylene filters that effectively capture solid and liquid aerosol particles. The filter is made without self-sealing additives to avoid any interference with your samples or results.


Sterile filter pipette tips

Universal pipette tips are suitable for PCR and aerosol contamination. Sterile filter pipette tips used in cell culture, cytology, virology, molecular biology, pipetting containing radioactive samples. Sterile filter pipette tips are resistant to high-temperature sterilization(121°C). It is suitable for PCR and aerosol contamination, can be used in cell culture, cytology, virology, molecular biology, pipetting containing radioactive samples.

Filtering Pipette Tips

Sartorius’ quartz filters are 100% quartz crystal without any addition of glass microfibers or binding agents making them very resistant to heat and highly pure. In addition, the quartz filters, grade Q3400 are tempered to remove all chemically combined water and to give the filters excellent weight and dimensional stability. These highly specialized filters are especially suitable for demanding situations where only the highest purity, yet great durability and retention are required such as in emissions monitoring at temperatures of up to 900° or other high temperature, highly corrosive situations. Thus for smooth fast filtering in tough situations, hot, cold, wet or dry, always choose Sartorius glass or quartz microfiber filters.


How to Choose the Right Pipette Tips for your Experiment

Choose High Quality Pipette Tips for Precision and Accuracy. The first consideration that tends to spring to mind when thinking about which tip type to choose is precision and accuracy. Universal or Pipette-Specific Tips. There is always the option to go for the tips that the pipette manufacturer sells, if available. Non-Barrier or Barrier (Filter) Pipette Tips. Non-barrier and barrier tips, or filter tips, are designed for different conditions. Non-barrier tips are designed for everyday lab work. Low-retention Tips. No matter which tip you choose, low-retention is a key feature. Low-retention tips do exactly as the name suggests—retain low levels of liquid. Nice but Not Necessary Pipette Tip Features. Other features are often incorporated into both standard and barrier tips. These features can help maintain accuracy and even prevent injury.

FAQ of Pipette Tips

What are filter tips?

Filter tips are used to prevent cross contamination or “carry over” from one sample to another. When samples are aspirated into a pipette tip, a fine mist or “aerosol” is created, which can get into the pipette. Even after changing the tip, the aerosol can contaminate the next sample.


Are filter tips sterile?

Tips you've autoclaved yourself are sterile, which means that they are free from living organisms, but not necessarily from RNase and DNase.

What size are filter tips?

As you'll have spotted there's lots of different sizes of filter tips. The standard is 8mm, which is what you'll see, incorporated in most packet pre-rolled cigarettes. However for rolling your own these can be a bit tricky so most people like to use a slimmer filter.


Can you autoclave filter pipette tips?

Autoclaving caution: Do not exceed 121ºC / 250ºF, 15PSI, 15 minutes. Do not put materials on tips when autoclaved. Remove from autoclave immediately, cool down then to drying.


Can I autoclave tips with filter?

Excessive heat and/or prolonged time in the autoclave may cause warping of both the tips and the rack. Filter tips are not autoclavable. The blocking efficiency of filter tips is investigated using airborne particles.

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