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Best 43 Pipette Tips Brand For Microbiology Experiments

Posted on November 13, 2021 by Tip Loader 
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Here introduce best 43 pipette tips brand from worldwide. They are top brands with high quality pipette tips.

Rainin Pipette Tips


RAIN is a famous pipette tips brand. It’s from METTLER TOLEDO, a global company located in the USA, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, and the People's Republic of China. The well know LTS pipette tips is special designed for its LTS Pipettor.

Website: https://www.shoprainin.com/

Eppendorf Pipette Tips


Eppendorf provide the best micropipette in the world. Everyone who work in lab, must know Eppendorf, we are super love its pipettor and eppendorf pipette tips. Eppendorf is leader company in life science sector, especially in laboratories equipment and consumables. Product range includes pipettes and automated pipetting systems, dispensers, centrifuges, mixers, spectrometers, and DNA amplification equipment as well as ultra-low temperature freezers, fermentors, bioreactors, CO2 incubators, shakers, and cell manipulation systems. Consumables such as pipette tips, lobind pipette tips, test tubes, microtiter plates, and single-use bioreactor vessels complement the range of highest-quality premium products.

Website: https://www.eppendorf.com/

Gilson Pipette Tips


GILSON develop liquid handling, purification, and extraction solutions with a focus on helping the life scientist at the bench achieve more productive research and verifiable data. PIPETMAN is brand of GILSON, cover pipettor and pipette tips. Popular pipette brand and well-know in sector.

Website: https://www.gilson.com/default/shop-products/pipette-tips.html

Axygen Pipette Tips


Axygen Scientific is a leading manufacturer of the highest quality laboratory consumables for researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic communities worldwide. Their technical expertise and in-house microbiology lab ensure that they provide data supported answers to technical questions. Axygen's Maxymum Recovery pipette tips and robotic tips utilize a unique manufacturing process that creates ultra smooth surfaces.

In September 2010, Axygen BioScience Inc. was acquired by Corning Incorporated and integrated into Corning’s Life Sciences segment. Axygen brand products are now part of the Corning Family of Brands.
Website: https://ecatalog.corning.com/life-sciences/b2c/US/en/Liquid-Handling/Pipet-Tips-and-Accessories/Pipet-Tips/Axygen%C2%AE-Universal-Fit-Tips/p/axygenUniversalFitTips

TipOne Pipette Tips


TipOne pipette tips is the original easy-to-load, refillable tip system (pipette tip sorting device) that saves space and reduces waste. They are reusable, easy to refill, and will last through repeated autoclaving cycles. Refills are sealed in plastic; we don’t use cardboard, paper, or other uncharacterized materials as tip containers.
Website: https://www.starlabgroup.com/GB-en/our-brands/pipettes/tipone-pipette-tips.html

Brand Pipette Tips


All BRAND pipette tips are produced using the most advanced cleanroom techniques to ensure consistently high quality. The Brandtech Pipette Tips are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner using only high-purity polypropylene, free from oleamide and diHEMDA - additives which can interfere with biological tests. Filter tips have a non-self-sealing PE filter that is free from chemical additives and allows easy uncontaminated sample recovery if the filter is wetted. Permeability is controlled by the combination of pore size and filter length, so that no aerosols can reach the pipette shaft. They are available BIO-CERT® sterile, or BRAND® ULR™ BIO-CERT® sterile in volume sizes ranging from 0.1-1µL to 50-1000µL.

Website: https://brandtech.com/product/sterile-filter-tips/

Sartorius Pipette Tips


Manufacturing the pipette tips in SARTORIUS production facility, selecting the best 100% virgin polypropylene raw material and controlling the manufacturing process from beginning to end allows us to maintain the highest quality and purity standards.​

The high quality of the products is upkept thanks to SARTORIUS quality management system follows not only ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, but also ISO 13485. The production also abides by the ISO 14644-1 standard, in order to fulfil ISO Class 8 cleanroom conditions for secured tip purity.​

An independent laboratory confirms the absence of DNase, RNase, human DNA and endotoxins.
Website: https://www.sartorius.com/en/products/pipetting/pipette-tips

Neptune Pipette Tips

Neptune Pipette Tips

For more than 20 years, Neptune has been pioneering new ways to make liquid handling better for our customers, and for the planet. Our innovative culture has helped launch many of the technologies that make modern laboratories as versatile and accurate as they are.
Website: https://neptunescientific.com/products/pipette-tips/

Sarstedt Pipette Tips


Sarstedt offer an extensive range of geometrically optimised pipette tips, with and without filters, for all common pipettes. The hydrophobic filter material prevents the aerosols formed when pipetting from contaminating the pipette and the sample. Our certified pipette tips are characterised by their high transparency and accuracy. Conformity with the most common pipettes is tested according to DIN EN ISO 8655 and demonstrated via the conformity certificate. Sarstedt pipette tips are available in a bag, box or economical refill system, in three purity grades and as a low retention version.

Website: https://www.sarstedt.com/en/products/laboratory/liquid-handling/pipette-tips/

Usa Scientific Pipette Tips

Usa Scientific Pipette Tips

We manufacture and distribute high quality laboratory plastics, equipment, and accessories. USA Scientific has been a trusted laboratory partner since 1982. We take pride in providing tools that help researchers and technicians test theories, make discoveries, diagnose diseases, create cures, and carry out the important work of the laboratory.

A majority of our products are made in the USA. Examples include TipOne®, TempAssure® PCR tubes and TempPlate® PCR plates, all sealing films and foils, plastic storage boxes and racks, serological pipets, most tubes, and selected equipment.

Website: https://www.usascientific.com/pipette-tips/c/153

Thermo Fisher Pipette Tips


Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, with annual revenue exceeding $30 billion. Its mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Whether our customers are accelerating life sciences research, solving complex analytical challenges, improving patient diagnostics and therapies or increasing productivity in their laboratories, we are here to support them. Its global team of more than 80,000 colleagues delivers an unrivaled combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and pharmaceutical services through our industry-leading brands, including Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific, Unity Lab Services and Patheon
Pipette Tips include:

Cliptip Pipette Tips

Qsp Pipette Tips

Art barrier Pipette Tips

Sharp Pipette Tips

Website: https://www.thermofisher.com/search/browse/featured/us/en/80012551/Cliptip%20Pipette%20Tips?navId=16385%2B28033

Biotix Pipette Tips


The Biotix uTIP pipette tips are a great alternative to meet all of your labs needs! With our patented FlexFit Technology, less insertion forces are required to achieve a secure seal on most universal pipettors including Eppendorf®, Gilson®, Biohit® and Finnpipette®.

All uTIPs are low retention, reducing residual sample in tips, improving your precision and accuracy down to 0.1 μL and 0.2 μL.

uTIPs are now available in the following volumes: 2μL, 10μL, 20μL, 100μL, 200μL, 250μL, 300μL, 1000μL and 1250μL.

All Biotix tips are tested and certified free of RNase, DNase, Pyrogens, and PCR inhibitors.

Website: https://biotix.com/product-type/pipette-tips/

Corning Pipette Tips


For nearly 170 years, Corning has combined its unparalleled expertise in glass science, ceramics science, and optical physics with deep manufacturing and engineering capabilities to develop life-changing innovations and products. Falcon®, Corning®, and Axygen® liquid handling consumables offer a breadth of selection unmatched in the industry with the quality and reliability scientists have trusted for decades.

Website: https://www.corning.com/worldwide/en/products/life-sciences/products/liquid-handling.html

Hamilton Pipette Tips


Hamilton delivers performance, value, and choice with two high quality tip families, plus multiple formats and packaging options. Formats include standard, non-filter, extended length, hydrophobic filter barrier, non-sterile, pre-sterilized, and macrovolume. Packaging options include bulk resealable bags, hinged and lift-off racks, and stackable racks. Hamilton pipette tips are made from chemically resistant, virgin polypropylene for excellent clarity and smooth surfaces. All AdvanTip products are certified to be safe from RNase, DNase, and pyrogens. Hamilton pipette tips are universal-fit. Hamilton SoftGrip™ Manual Pipettes are used with Hamilton AdvanTip Pipette Tips deliver outstanding accuracy and precision, guaranteed.

Website: https://www.hamiltoncompany.com/laboratory-products/pipettes-and-pipettors/pipette-tips

Integra Pipette Tips



Universal pipette tips are designed to fit pipettes with standard cone shaped tip fittings. This is only possible, because the tips are hammered on the tapered cone tip fitting, stretching the orifice of the tip. Due to the memory effect of polypropylene, the tips gradually move back to their original shape, leading to tips that loosen, leak and eventually fall off. 

INTEGRA pipette tips and fittings work as a system creating a secure connection. GripTips attach with a minimum force and can also be easily ejected. A shoulder molded into all GripTips features a positive stop which ensures that all pipette tips of a multichannel pipette are perfectly aligned at exactly the same height and never loosen, leak or fall off. This improves the reproducibility and accuracy of your pipetting results.

Website: https://www.integra-biosciences.com/japan/en/pipette-tips

Thermo Scientific Pipette Tips

For 120+ years, Thomas Scientific has provided the latest in equipment and supplies to the science community. In accordance to the tradition of the original founders, Thomas Scientific provides individualized customer service, innovative scientific equipment, and a comprehensive portfolio offering a wide selection of product listings at a great deal.

Thomas Scientific is committed to offering quality laboratory products while catering to the unique needs of the individual customer. For over a century, our dedication to provide the best in science equipment with personal, efficient service sets Thomas apart from the competition.

Thermo Pipette Tips include:

Beveled pipette tips

Denville pipette tips

Ptfe pipette tips

Universal pipette tips

Sterile pipette tips

Non sterile pipette tips

Website: https://www.thomassci.com/search/go?p=Q&lbc=thomassci&uid=205616019&ts=custom&w=Beveled%20Pipette%20Tips&isort=score&method=and&view=list&ThomasDomain=www.thomassci.com&af=cat1%3apipettortips

Fisher Pipette Tips


Fisher Scientific offers a range of high-quality pipets, pipettes and pipette tips that can be used in a variety of contexts, from labs and hospitals to school biology classes. This includes basic disposable pipettes right through to more complex serological and volumetric pipets.

Fisher pipette tips:

Serological pipette tips

Mbp pipette tips

Universal pipette tips

Sterile pipette tips

Website: https://www.fishersci.com/us/en/products/I9C8L3D9/pipets-pipetters-tips.html

Labcon Pipette Tips


Eclipse™ standard surface pipette tips include as standard many features available from other suppliers only as special upgrades. All the Eclipse™ tips we make are made of high quality 100% pure virgin medical grade polypropylene so you won't find recycled plastics in our tips. We pre-test the resin to ensure no extractables are present. Every lot is lab tested and certified free of detectable Nuclease (Rnase/Dnase), Adenosine Tri-phosphate, and Endotoxin (pyrogen) contamination.

All Eclipse pipette tips in racks are packed in our trademarked Teal or Purple racks. These racks are made of polypropylene and are autoclavable repeatedly. They have sturdy latch hinges that won't come apart like lesser quality tip racks and a special snap lock designed so that it will not catch on your gloves. You can also get Eclipse tips in resealable zip style bags, in refills for our Pagoda® system (Tip Loader), in Eclipse™ refills, and in racks that have been sterilized using irradiation. Also include Socorex Pipette Tips & zap Pipette Tips.

Website: https://labcon.com/tipseclipse.html

Midsci Pipette Tips


MIDSCI has a full line of liquid handling products including laboratory pipettes, pipette tips, pipettors, reagent reservoirs, aspiration systems, and pipette controllers.

MIDSCI TPP serological pipettes are designed to be shorter and more ergonomic to permit access into vessels of all shapes and sizes, while providing the end user significant advantages in liquid handling and overall usage.

MIDSCI Pipette tips offer maximum sample volume recovery in aspiration and dispension applications.

MIDSCI also carry, Alphapette, the #1 pipettor for sub-microliter pipetting and eco-friendly reagent reservoirs that reduce plastic waste and save storage space without sacrificing performance.

Website: https://midsci.com/category/215/Pipettors-and-Tips/

Tecan Pipette Tips


Tecan is a leading global provider of disposable tips, labware and functional consumables designed and tested for Tecan liquid handling platforms.

Website: https://lifesciences.tecan.com/consumables

Globe Scientific Pipette Tips


Globe Scientific pipette tips designed to fit a wide variety of pipettors. Packaged in bulk, or in convenient autoclavable racks, each tip is designed to meet or exceed the pipettor manufacturers' specifications. Made from prime virgin polypropylene, these tips provide the high accuracy and reproducibility needed for effective laboratory testing.

Website: https://www.globescientific.com/gs-products/pipette-tips.html

Starlab Pipette Tips


The STARLAB group specialises in the field of Liquid Handling Technology and laboratory products. Our product portfolio includes laboratory consumables such as pipette tips, single and multi-channel pipettes, cell culture, tubes, PCR consumables, nitrile and latex gloves, and benchtop equipment for general laboratory use.

Starlab also provide pipette servicing for all brands and types of pipette: single and multi-channel, manual and electronic, dispensers and pipetting aids. Our state-of the art laboratory provides both an on-site and mail-in calibration service.

Website: https://www.starlabgroup.com/en/pipette-tips_WebPMain-155838.html

Vertex Pipette Tips


Vertex is a trademark of Scientific Specialties Inc.

Vertex Pipette Tips were meticulously designed using a specially formulated NoStick® resin to provide researchers with the highest level of liquid handling performance. Vertex Pipette Tips were created with the belief that when it comes to liquid handling, less is more.

Low-Retention Pipette Tips

Vertex Value Pipette Tips

Vertex-GL Gel-Loading Tips

Multi-Volume XL Tips

Vertex® Pipette Tips are produced at our California home office under rigorous controls and safeguards. Our ISO9001 certified Quality Assurance process and state of the art fully automated tip manufacturing, filtering and inspecting is incomparable in our industry.

Less fluid retention

Less sample loss

Less time spent

Less plastic wasted


All Vertex pipette tips are designed to be naturally low-binding, but tips with NoStick® resin are considerably more hydrophobic than standard tips, enabling even viscous fluids to be dispensed more completely.

Clean Liquid Release

Vertex tips deliver a much cleaner liquid release, dispensing all of the sample and improving pipetting accuracy. Users will maintain complete fluid control, even when working with smaller volumes, while not compromising the accuracy and precision of their pipetting.

Website: https://ssibio.com/tips/vertex-pipette-tips/

Sorenson Pipette Tips


Sorenson is a liquid handling company, a leading provider of quality plastic consumables. Sorenson products are used in research labs worldwide and include pipette tips, multimax Pipette Tips, PCR products, microcentrifuge tubes, MµltiFlex gel loading tips, and the innovative, ergonomic and environmentally-friendly OneTouch tips.

And now, you can expect the same high quality you have come to expect in Sorenson products with the BenchTop Pipettor, a portable, affordable, semi-automated 96/384 pipetting platform.

Website: https://www.sorbio.com/

VWR universal Pipette Tips


VWR® Universal low retention pipette tips repel liquid by creating a hydrophobic surface on the inside of the tip increasing your accuracy and data quality.

Compatible with the widest range of pipets

Maximizes sample recovery with low binding resin and a fine point design

Improves ergonomics by reducing the force required to attach and eject a tip

Autoclavable at 15 psi, 122 °C for 15 minutes

Manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality management system

VWR universal pipette tips use a low retention resin that is up to ten times more hydrophobic than other polypropylene pipet tips, enabling viscous samples like protein and DNA solutions to dispense easily without collecting inside the tip.

Website: https://us.vwr.com/store/product/28638003/vwr-universal-pipet-tips

Greiner Pipette Tips


Flexibility is critical in terms of modern liquid handling solutions. This is why the Sapphire pipette tips are manufactured in eight different sizes in a volume range from 10 μl to 1250 μl, including an extended length 10 μl tip for the recovery of small sample volumes. This is complemented by our macro tips for volumes up to 5 ml.

With the automated production in our state-of-the-art factory in Kremsmünster, Austria, we can guarantee consistently high quality. All Sapphire tips therefore meet uniform quality requirements - regardless of type, surface or shape.

All Sapphire tips are certified free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA, PCR inhibitors and endotoxins (pyrogens). Additionally, they are non-cytotoxic and tested according to ISO 8655-6.

Website: https://shop.gbo.com/en/row/products/bioscience/liquid-handling/pipette-tips/

Nichiryo Pipette Tips


Nichiryo America, Inc. was established in 1996 as a wholely owned subsidiary of Nichiryo Co., Ltd. Nichiryo America handles the sales, marketing and customer support for North, Central, and South America.

Nichiryo pipette tips have a universal fit which is compatible with most pipettes and are RNase and DNase free. Nichiryo’s newly designed reloading system was aimed to reduce plastic waste. Racked tips are offered in both hinged and lift off tops. The 5 mL and 10 mL tips are designed to fit Nichiryo pipettes only.

Website: https://www.nichiryo.co.jp/en/productline/pipette.html

Nest Pipette Tips


Made from medical grade PP and manufactured in ISO 8 grade cleaning room. With precision mould and professional injection skill, Nest tips has smooth inner surface which is very important to ensure accurate results during liquid handling. 

Website: https://www.cell-nest.com/

Mettler Toledo Pipette Tips


To receive the industry-leading BioClean Ultra purity certification, Mettler Toledo pipette tips are subjected to systematic testing for RNase, DNA, DNase, ATP, Pyrogens, PCR inhibitors, trace materials and trace organics.

Rainin also tests for both protein and protease to fuel confidence in proteomics research. And every tip is also inert, with no bioactive components.

Class 100,000 Clean Room Production

BioClean Ultra pipette tips are manufactured in a fully automated class 100,000 clean room facility. To assure absolute purity, no additives or dyes are used, and ISO 9001-compliant manufacturing procedures are followed to eliminate all external sources of contamination.

From raw material selection to clean production and automated packaging, Mettler Toledo BioClean Ultra pipette tips are guaranteed to be pure and completely safe.

Website: https://www.mt.com/gb/en/home/products/pipettes.html

Ritter Pipette Tips


Ritter, part of Avantor, manufactures high-quality robotic and liquid handling consumables, including conductive pipette tips engineered to exacting standards. These mission-critical consumables are used in a variety of molecular screening and diagnostic applications, including real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR), non-molecular assays such as immunoassays, emerging high throughput in vitro diagnostics (IVD) technologies including next generation sequencing, and as part of drug discovery and clinical trial testing in pharma and biotech applications.

Website: https://www.ritter-online.de/en/company/

Biologix Pipette Tips


● Made of polypropylene, autoclavable

● Available in 10µl, 200µl and 1000µl sizes, suitable for standard manual and electronic pipettes

● 10µl and 200µl tips are graduated, 200µl tips have a beveled point design that reduces sample retention

 Extended 1000µl tips facilitate pipetting from deep or narrow containers

● RNase & DNase free, non-pyrogenic

● Available in racked package (sterile) and bulk package (non-sterile)

Website: http://biologixgroup.com/goods.php?id=5

Capp Pipette Tips


Capp pipette tips fulfills the pipetting needs of research, diagnostics and analytical laboratories. Capp micropipette tips are available bulk (in bags), racked and in form of reload systems, supported by sets of empty racks for refill with reload micropipette tips. Capp offers autoclavable pipette tips that are all RNase, DNase and Pyrogen free certified. The racks can also be autoclaved for 20 min. at 121°C. All Capp micropipette tips are made of virgin polypropylene. Capp offers tips for pipettes suitable for the 96-well standard (8 and 12 channel pipettes) and tips for pipettes for 384-well standard (16, 48 and 64 channel). Learn more about Capp tips for pipettes of 384-well standard and other Capp instruments suitable for 384-well plates. Capp micropipette tips are universally compatible with the great majority of pipette brands on the market, providing crystal clarity and graduated increment marks for the ultimate convenience of use. Manufactured on Swiss molds in clean-room facility, Capp micropipette tips offer superb quality, eliminating the risk of contamination. Select from ExpellPlus low retention pipette tips or Expell standard, high quality micropipette tips.

Website: https://www.capp.dk/categories/pipette-tips

Tarsons Pipette Tips


With more than three decades of experience in the science labware and plastic labware industry, Tarsons is a leader in India in the production and supply of laboratory plastic ware for use within molecular biology, cell culture, genomics, proteomics and immunology. Tarsons pipette tips applies its unparalleled innovation and expertise in research and development, and combines that with engineering dexterity to create state of the art Plastic Labware and Life Science products.

Material: Medical grade polypropylene autoclavable, free of lubricants, dyes and heavy metals. Certified DNase, RNase, Human DNA and PCR inhibitor free. Sterile Tips are Pyrogen Free.

Website: https://tarsons.com/product/micro-tips/

Genesee Pipette Tips


Pipette tips include:

Repeater Pipette Tips

Gel Loading Pipet Tips

Wide Orifice Pipet Tips

Automation Pipet Tips

Serological Pipets

Transfer Pipets

Gilson Pipet Tips

Olympus Premium Universal Pipet Tips

xTIP4 Pipette Tips for Rainin™ LTS™

Olympus Filter Pipet Tips

Eppendorf Pipet Tips
Olympus pipette tips

Olympus Ergonomic Universal Pipet Tips

Website: https://geneseesci.com/shop-online/bbproduct/1510/pipet-tips

Abdos Pipette Tips


Abdos Labtech Private Limited is a manufacturer of high quality plastic laboratory products. Established in 2009, state-of-art manufacturing facility is located at Roorkee, Uttarakhand about 4 hours from the Indian capital, New Delhi. Since inception we have been prototyping, designing, developing and manufacturing high quality plastic products for used in life science laboratory around the world. In addition to plastics we also market large variety of bench top instruments and products for safety & utilities for use in the laboratory.

Website: https://www.abdoslifesciences.com/product/pipette-tips-racked-pp/

Ahn Pipette Tips 


For over twenty years AHN Biotechnologie GmbH has been an OEM manufacturer of consumables for many top life science brands and distribution companies in Germany and worldwide. Located in Nordhausen, Germany, the

state of the art production facility meets and exceeds the strict requirements of the most well-known brands. Has know-how within pipette tips’ production has now been strengthened by the implementation of newly developed Swiss molds, leading to the launch of new pipette tips’ lines, matching the strict standards of modern lab industry. AHN’s goal is to offer the market’s best value for money on Ahn pipette tips and other AHN products.

Website: https://ahn-bio.de/consumables/pipette-tips/

Opentrons Pipette Tips


Opentrons Pipette Tips

300µL Tips are polypropylene, universal fit, and optimized for pipetting 5µL to 300µL

Free of DNase, RNase, and pyrogens. Stored in individual compartments inside rack with lift-off cover to eliminate cross contamination

Designed for fixed and variable volume pipettors equipped with a tip-ejector function

Hardened and optimized for automated liquid handling—and affordably priced, particularly when compared to other similar quality tips for automated liquid handling

Opentrons Tips are autoclavable 

Compatible with: 

Opentrons 8-Channel GEN2 P300 Electronic Pipettes

Opentrons Single-Channel GEN2 P300 Electronic Pipettes

Opentrons Single-Channel GEN1 P50 Electronic Pipettes

Opentrons Single-Channel GEN1 P300 Electronic Pipettes

Opentrons 8-Channel GEN1 P50 Electronic Pipettes

Opentrons 8-Channel GEN1 P300 Electronic Pipettes

Website: https://shop.opentrons.com/products/opentrons-300ul-tips

Kirgen Pipette Tips


Kirgen pipet tips are automatically manufactured from 100% medical grade polypropylene with five star high precision mold in 100,000 grade clean room, guarantees precise pipetting and uniformity of tip surface; no additive and release agent are used during production, all tips are DNAse/RNAse free, non pyrogens and autoclavable; the unique design of extended length greatly reduces cross contamination.

Authorized by ISO 13485 certification.

Unique thin-walled design increased the flexibility of pipet tips for convenient operation and precision, effectively reduced the risk of RSI.

Flexible tail vertebrae, enhance sealing between pipette and tips Unique conical design, fits most pipette brands (Eppendorf, Gilson, Biohit, Thermo, Labsystems etc.)

Uniformity and hydrophobicity of tip surface minimize the liquid residual

The gradually pointed design is perfectly suitable for micro-liquid pipetting.

Extra-long tips

Greatly reduces the cross contamination between pipettor and tips.

Greatly reduces the cross contamination between samples and pipettor.

Reduce the times to sterilize the pipettes to extend service time.

Reduce the time and cost for pipette sterilization.

The extra long design is convenient for pipetting of test tubes, culture bottles and volumetric flasks.

Clear and precise graduation, easy for observation

Website: http://www.kirgen.com/newen/index.asp

Accumax Pipette Tips


Accumax is constantly exploring different horizons, currently our exclusive product basket includes Pipettes and Pipette Controllers, Bottle Top Dispensers, Accumax Pipette Tips, Tubes and PCR Consumables. 

The ergonomically optimized cone geometry provides the optimal pipette fit for Accumax pipette range as well as pipette models from other manufacturers. Made from 100% virgin polypropylene in fully automated 10K class to assure absolute purity, no additives or dyes are used and follow ISO 9001 – compliant manufacturing procedures to eliminate all external sources of contamination. They ensure the performance and repeatability of your results like no other tip can.

Website: https://accumaximum.com/products/tips/

Oxford Pipette Tips


Oxford pipette tips are manufactured with the highest quality standards. Molds are the most crucial part of manufacturing high quality tips which is why Oxford Lab Product tips are produced from a Swiss Made Diamond finished mold for a very smooth internal surface. Oxford tips are manufactured in a fully automatic, human touch-free facility and they are made from virgin polypropylene plastic. Oxford Lab Products offers tips suitable for 96-well plates (single, 8- and 12- channel pipettes) and 384-well plates (16- and 24- channel pipettes). Oxford tips are guaranteed to be free from DNase, RNase, Human DNA, Pyrogen and PCR inhibitors. These tips are designed to be utilized with most pipettes currently on the market. Oxford Lab Product tips are available in bulk, racked, and in eco-friendly reload systems along with the options for racked, sterile, and filter. The racks are autoclavable at 121°C for 20 minutes.

Sigma Pipette Tips


Sigma distribute lots pipette tips brand.

Finnpipette® Multistepper® pipette tips

Finntip® Flex pipette tips
Corning® DeckWorks™ standard pipet tips

Corning® Isotip® filtered pipet tips

ART® self-sealing barrier pipette tips

BRAND® pipette tips, racked, TipBox

BRAND® pipette tips, racked, TipStack™

BRAND® pipette tips, racked, TipRack

Sartorius pipette tips

Pipette tips for Qiagen®

Hamilton® pipette tips

BRAND® pipette tips, bulk


Vistalab Pipette Tips

Vistalab Pipette Tips

A Superior Fit for your MLA & Ovation Pipettes

Use genuine VistaLab pipette tips to maximize the exceptional performance and benefits of Ovation and MLA pipettes.  All VistaLab pipettes are calibrated with VistaLab tips to provide a perfect fit and deliver reliable performance every time.  We have a variety of packaging configurations and options of sterile, certified RNase/DNase free, non-pyrogenic, filtered, low retention and trace metal certified.

Website: https://vistalab.com/tips/

Agilent Pipette Tips


Agilent offers disposable pipette tips in both 96- and 384-well formats specially designed, tested, and optimized for the Bravo Automated Liquid Handling Platform and the AssayMAP Bravo heads. All Agilent pipette tips undergo complete QC and functional performance testing for each lot.

The innovative processing and packaging of Bravo robotic tips helps address common concerns about lab disposable pipette tips used in automation, such as static buildup and deck space utilization. Additionally, the Agilent Bravo lab disposable pipette tips are the only pipette tips that are certified for use on Agilent Bravo Liquid Handling instrumentation, with the assurance that every tip meets our exacting accuracy and precision requirements.

Website: https://www.agilent.com/en/product/automated-liquid-handling/consumables-for-lab-automation/bravo-lab-disposable-pipette-tips

Genemate Pipette Tips

The GeneMate pipet tips feature superior, inexpensive disposable macro volume tips that provide fast and secure accurate and precise samples. This product has a volume capacity of 5 mL. It is sold in a pack of 250.


Pipette tips is very important lab instrument. It's precision and reliable quality will affect your lab research or microbiology experiments. So, you should choose a proper pipette tips in your research. The above pipette tips information from public resources, maybe information will be updated, if you need more correct news, should contact the brands for updates.

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