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Can I Use Plastic Pipette Tip eith DMSO

Posted on April 9, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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A polypropylene pipette tip is generally not recommended for use with volatile organic solvents, such as DMSO. This is due to the high vapor pressure created during aspiration. However, it is possible to program the liquid handler to reuse tips by programming them using integrated sample management software. Another option is to purchase an acoustic dispenser, which does not require pipette tips.

This method is generally used with nonvolatile solutions, such as DMSO, and is a better choice for volatile solutions. DMSO will cause the plastic to leach compounds that interfere with the binding of certain molecules to receptors. In addition, these compounds can impact thousands of researchers and could contaminate samples. The problem is that plastic is a good choice for most experiments involving volatile solutions.

A plastic pipette tip is not a good choice for aqueous solutions. It introduces plasticizers into the sample, which will ruin your sample for the rest of your colleagues. It's also difficult to clean a glass tip with pure water. For these reasons, it's recommended to use a glass pipette tip.

Using a glass pipette tip is the preferred method. In contrast, a plastic pipette tip is not recommended for DMSO. The plastic pipette tip is suitable for aqueous solvents, but it cannot be used for nonaqueous solutions. The tips are made of polypropylene and PC-ABS, which are highly sensitive to acetone.

Unless you're using DMSO to elute a sample, you should avoid using a plastic pipette tip. It's important not to use a plastic pipette that will introduce plasticizers to your sample. Moreover, a plastic pipette that has a DMSO tip should be cleaned after each experiment.

In addition to DMSO, it's essential to keep in mind that the plastic pipette tip should not be used with acetone. A good way to prevent this problem is to use a plastic needle or a syringe with a corresponding tip. In this way, the DMSO-resistant pipette tip will not cause any problems.

Although it's possible to reuse a plastic pipette tip, it is still not recommended to do so. The vapors from DMSO can affect the contents of the sample. A glass serological pipette tip should be used. The vapors of DMSO should not be allowed to enter the syringe.

While Ramsay and his colleagues use glass pipette tips in their labs, they do not recommend them in other settings. A plastic pipette can introduce methanol and other chemicals into your sample, which can affect your results. If you do use a plastic pipete tip, it's best to check with your supervisor before you start using it.

In addition to the plastic pipete tip, it's advisable to choose a glass or a plastic microplate. Both materials are safe to use, but they have different properties. The glass one is preferred in Alberta, whereas the plastic one is more resistant to methanol and acetone. So, if you need to use the latter, make sure you rinse with pure water to prevent the contamination.

Similarly, acetic acid is another common substance used in MS protocols. It is important not to use plastic pipettes if the acetic acid is contaminated. This is because the polymer can build up in the sample and ruin its quality. So, instead, it is best to use a glass-pipette tip eith DMSO.

Aside from aqueous solutions, non-aqueous solutions are another area that may require a plastic pipette tip. As long as you have the correct chemistry, you can use a polymer tip for these non-aqueous solutions. In addition, it will not cause any problems with the sample in aqueous samples.

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