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Can Pipette Tips Be Used With Organic Solvents

Posted on April 9, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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When using a micropipette with an organic solvent, it is essential to ensure that the tip is sterile and clean. Besides, micropipettes should be calibrated regularly. The problem is compounded by the fact that organic solvents can damage certain parts of the pipettes. This is why micropipettes containing organic compounds must have lubricated O-rings and pistons. This procedure should be repeated weekly. Additionally, a filter tip should be used if you plan to use a disposable micropipette.

The first concern with PC-ABS pipettes is that they are not made to handle organic solvents. Because of this, they have a limited chemical resistance to aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. In addition, they aren't designed to withstand glycols and alcohols. For this reason, it is important to choose the correct tip for the task at hand.

Moreover, the pipettes that are made of polypropylene are not compatible with volatile solvents. In addition, volatile solvents will corrode the plastic pistons. In addition, plastic serological pipettes must be used when working with an organic solvent. If you are using automated pipette controllers, the vapors will cause problems. Hence, it is imperative to choose the right tip for the job.

The smallest of these pipettes has a dial that allows you to control the volume of the liquid. Adjustable tip designs make it possible to change the volume of the liquid inside the pipette. Some even have a small window for volume display. The only problem with plastic tips is that they are not made to withstand the high temperatures and high vapor pressure of organic solvents.

It is possible to purchase a polypropylene pipette that is suitable for use with organic solvents. However, the main disadvantage of using polypropylene pipettes is that they do not have the proper chemical resistance. The PC-ABS pipette tips have a very low chemical resistance. They cannot withstand the vapor that will form during aspiration. This is a disadvantage of plastic pipes.

Fortunately, most pipettes have a built-in filter that protects the internal parts of the pipette. If you are using an aqueous solution, a polypropylene tip may be sufficient, but it will soon become unsuitable. It is possible to use a correspondingly resistant polypropylene tip, but you should be aware that the plastic pipes will have poor chemical resistance.

There are also pipettes designed specifically for the use of organic solvents. The main disadvantage of these plastic pipes is that they are not compatible with the solvents. They are incompatible with both aqueous and organic solutions. You should avoid using them when they are not compatible. The best option is to purchase a serological pipette with a polymer bulb. It will prevent the leakage of the samples.

Unlike plastic tips, these pipes are made of PC-ABS and cannot be used with organic solvents. They are designed for use with aqueous solutions and cannot be used with volatile solvents. They will damage their plastic components and can no longer be reused. Therefore, you should consider investing in a glass serological pipette instead. This type of tip will not react to volatile chemicals.

Despite their name, can pipette tips be used with aqueous solutions? Yes. There are some exceptions to this rule and they are mainly related to the type of tip. You can use a glass, metal, or polymer pipette with an aqueous solution. When you are working with organic solvents, you should choose a tip that can withstand the organic solvents.

When pipette tips are used in organic solvents, they must be suitable for the liquid that you are trying to sample. Then, you should use a conductive tip with organic solvents to ensure the maximum accuracy of your pipetting. The most common types of silicone and rubber tips are not compatible with the aqueous solvents. You should only use a silicone or glass pipette tip if you're using a standard one.

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