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Can You Autoclave Pipette Tip Boxes?

Posted on March 30, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
 Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill  
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Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill 

Safety Biohazardous Waste Disposal Containers

Space-saving, economical, disposable point of use contaminated waste containers for disposal of capillary tubes, pipette tips, etc. Biohazardous sharps containers must be closed and secured once the sharps waste has reached the indicated "fill" line, followed by placement in an appropriate red biohazard waste container (see biohazardous waste bins section below), and removal to the department's designated biohazardous waste collection area for autoclaving, deactivation. Medical facilities, healthcare centers and research laboratories use biohazard waste cans for the safe, temporary storage of biological waste, contaminated laundry and other regulated waste (except for sharps). All Justrite biohazard waste containers meet OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030 for the segregation of infectious waste.


Bio-bin® Waste Disposal Container, Pipette Model, 6L, 40/CS

Bio-bin Waste Disposal Container, Pipette Model, 6L, 40/CS is available to buy in increments of 1 Details Bio-bin®is the ideal solution for biohazard or non-hazardous waste. Bio-bin™ Waste Disposal Containers. Bio-bin™ is the ideal solution for biohazard or non-hazardous waste disposal. Reduce cost, weight, transport, CO 2 emissions, storage space! The 6L Bio-bin® has been specifically designed to safely contain serological pipettes in labs. For this reason the bin is tall and thin and therefore best used with a stand. Bio-bin®is the ideal solution for biohazard or non-hazardous waste. REDUCE THE PLASTIC: 96% paper based clinical and medical waste.


Pipet Keeper

Pipet Keeper XL can hold 75% more than regular. Pipet Keepers and items up to 16" in length. Priced lower than sharps containers, the Pipet Keepers are readily disposable making it easier to maintain high lab standards. Made from renewable paperboard, Pipet Keepers have a plastic lining to hold a moderate amount of liquid. Pipet Keeper TM XL is ideal for disposal of biohazardous objects. Request a free sample and see how easy it is to keep your workplace clean! Whitney Pipet Keepers are Easy to Use, Sanitary & More. Accommodates objects up to 16" in length, one inch LONGER than the standard Pipet Keeper. What you might not have guessed is that swabs also go in the Pipet Keeper. Broken and/or contaminated glass goes in this box. ALL CONTAMINATED GLASS goes in this box once you are ready to dispose of it, regardless of whether or not it is broken.

Pipette Tip Disposal Box - Acrylic

Pipette tip disposal box Acrylic pipet tips disposal container for lab supplies waste. The 0.375 in. (10mm) thick acrylic provides protection from Beta radiation The large, hinged lid allows easy disposal of contents Use in conjunction with small biohazard disposal bags, if hazardous fluids are not acrylic friendly Measures 6.06"L x 6.73"W x 8.11"H (154mm x 171mm x 206 mm). General description: The 3/8 in. (10 mm) thick acrylic provides protection from Beta radiation The large, hinged lid allows easy disposal of contents Use in conjunction with small biohazard disposal bags, if hazardous fluids are not acrylic friendly The Pipette Tip Disposal Box′s quick flip of port cover makes tip ejection easy.


Waste Disposal Boxes

VWR offers disposal boxes for your medical waste management needs. Safely dispose of used pipet tips in thick acrylic containers with flip-top covers that contain hazardous waste. The TeraCycle Zero Waste Box is designed to allow businesses and consumers to recycle items that are traditionally non-recyclable. Choose a box that accepts the items you'd like to recycle. Disposable Glove Recycling Containers. Recycle up to 45 lbs. of disposable gloves— these containers keep all of your used gloves isolated to prevent the spread of contaminants in your facility. Use them for latex, nitrile, vinyl, and plastic gloves. Do not recycle cotton or leather gloves, or any items that may contain hazardous waste.

FAQ of Pipette Tips

Can you autoclave pipette tip boxes?

Refill old pipette tip boxes to autoclave new pipette tips. This not only makes loading the autoclave easy but you can use the tips directly from the box after autoclaving. Otherwise, you must place the tips in a glass beaker and cover them with aluminum foil.


Can filtered pipette tips be autoclaved?

Autoclaving caution: Do not exceed 121ºC / 250ºF, 15PSI, 15 minutes. Do not put materials on tips when autoclaved. Remove from autoclave immediately, cool down then to drying.


Why pipette tips should be autoclaved?

Sterilization after manufacturing ensures that the tips do not contain any microbial life (bacteria, viruses etc.) when delivered to customers. Pipette tips can also be a potential source of leachables— trace amounts of chemicals originating from materials or the process equipment that can contaminate the samples.


Can you autoclave and reuse pipette tips?

The system is more reliable because it does not use heat, using an autoclave can warp pipette tips. Our customers have validated reusing tips up to 40 times. There was no failure even at that point, they just choose to stop. The average minimum savings is 90% of the lab's consumables budget by reusing tips 10 times.


How many times can pipette tips be autoclaved?

Most of the pipette tips can be autoclaved in their box and this is a preferable method, but you can do this procedure for a limited number of times (usually not more than 5 times).

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