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Can You Recycle Pipette Tip Boxes?

Posted on May 13, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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How to Recycle Pipette Tips Labconscious®

Non hazardous micropipette tips can be collected for recycling. Collect in a puncture proof container. BL1 and BL2 tips must be decontaminated with bleach or alcohol before being deposited into a recycling bin. Pharmaceutical contamination would also prevent recycling of tips. Always check with the environmental, health and safety office at your institution first. Sometimes finding a pipette tip inside a recycling collection container will automatically make everything considered "trash". Your institution recycling program rules will be dependent on EPA, OSHA, local hazardous waste regulations, and the municipal recycling services that are available. Once you have a pipette tip recycling system cleared to start, its easy!

Can laboratories move away from single-use plastic?

Shutterstock Scientists are trying to reuse and recycle single-use lab plastics like these. In September, PhD student Samantha Seah challenged herself to collect all the plastic and nitrile waste she used in her lab in one day. Pipette tips, tubes, gloves, they quickly added up. Scientists looking to reduce their overall plastic consumption can also pick vendors that have zero-waste manufacturing facilities or that minimize packaging when shipping and designing products. Another approach to reducing plastics is to pool resources. For example, scientists can reduce the number of reagent bottles used by buying chemicals in bulk and sharing them with other labs.


GreenLabs Recycling

GreenLabs Recycling collects and recycles empty pipette tip boxes, refillable wafers and other plastic items from research facilities in Greater Boston. We provide locally-based, cost effective plastic recycling solutions to help make science sustainable. Scientists rely on plastic but plastic waste from the lab is rarely recycled. At GreenLabs Recycling, we believe that by keeping recycling local, we can make it effective in terms of cost and more importantly, in terms of improving sustainability. We are the most cost effective recycling solution for pipette tip boxes and are happy to personalize our services to fit your lab's needs. GreenLabs Recycling places recycling bins at participating labs. Scientists in the labs place the pipette boxes into the recycling bins as they are used. "Participation in this program has been great.

Fisherbrand Pipette Tip Recycle Box

Fisherbrand Pipette Tip Recycle Box: Large cardboard unit is used to hold pipette tip boxes for recycling. Fisherbrand Pipette Tip Recycle Box holds anywhere from 36 to 75 pipette tip boxes depending on the size of the pipette Box size: 12 x 12 x 27in. Seal box and ship from any UPS locations Features identifying graphics with instructions Made from sturdy, corrugated cardboard. TerraCycle Pipet Tip Box Recycling Program: This easy-to-use recycling program provides a complete waste collection, shipment, and recycling solution for used pipet tip boxes, from the lab bench to the park bench. All brands of plastic pipet tip boxes are accepted.

VWR Pipet Tip Box - Zero Waste Box

The Zero Waste Box™ is a convenient and easy to use solution to recycle disposable face masks, including N95 and KN95 masks, 3-ply non-woven masks, and dust masks.VWR offers disposal boxes for your medical waste management needs. Safely dispose of used pipet tips in thick acrylic containers with flip-top covers that contain hazardous waste. VWR® Pipet Tip Disposal Box. Box features a flip-top port cover for convenient one-handed disposal of used pipet tips. Eliminates any need to handle pipet tips used with hazardous fluids.


FAQ of Pipette Tips

Do pipette tips get reused?

Composed of polypropylene, a highly recyclable plastic, pipette tips can now be reused multiple times with the integration of Grenova tip reuse technology in laboratory workflows. On average, a single tip can be washed, sterilized, and reused between 10-25 times.

Can we reuse the pipette tips in preparing reagents and samples?

If you are using a reagent that will go back on the shelf or in the freezer to be used again, even if contamination is extremely unlikely, use a new tip every time. If stock reagents become contaminated, they have the potential to contaminate many more experiments down the line. When in doubt, throw it out.

Can you autoclave and reuse pipette tips?

Our system is more reliable because it does not use heat, using an autoclave can warp pipette tips. Our customers have validated reusing tips up to 40 times. There was no failure even at that point, they just choose to stop. The average minimum savings is 90% of the lab's consumables budget by reusing tips 10 times.


How do you keep a pipette sterile?

  • Use sterilized filter tips, for example, SafetySpace tips from Sartorius, to keep the pipette body free from contaminants.
  • Change the pipette tip after each sample.
  • Autoclave or disinfect the pipette with ethanol regularly. Choose pipettes that are autoclave compatible.

What are the possible effects of using a contaminated pipette tip?

These liquid drops rise into the pipette cone. Inner contaminations of the pipette can lead to cross-contamination of multiple samples ruining entire applications. Pipette tips containing a filter can prevent aerosols from entering the pipette cone.

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