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Can You Use Non-Eppendorf Pipette Tips With Eppendorf Pipette

Posted on April 11, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill 

A single piece of plastic or metal with a unique design identifies a pipette as an Eppendorf. It features an embossed "Eppendorf" name and ring of drop-shaped relief elements on the crown of the tip. An Eppendorf pipette tip has different geometry than a standard glass or plastic tip.

A low retention tip grants an advantage when pipetting detergent-containing solutions, and helps increase flow performance. The use of these tips maximizes the efficiency of expensive reagents and valuable samples. Furthermore, they increase reproducibility and reduce foam formation. Whichever type of tip you choose, the following guidelines will help you choose the most appropriate one for your experiment.

The most commonly used tips are those made by Eppendorf. The range includes 100 ul, 200 ul, 300 ul, and 1,000 UL tips. These are color-coded for easy identification. The epTIPS design minimizes attachment forces and ensures a complete seal. In addition, a wide variety of sizes is available, making it easier to find the right tip for your application.

The Eppendorf Pipette is made with a universal nose cone. This means that it can be used with other manufacturers' products. The epTIPS design reduces the tip attachment force and ensures a good seal. These tips come in 300 ul, 200 ul, and 1,000 ul. All Eppendorf Pipette tips are color-coded, and they comply with DIN 12650-2 and EN ISO 8655-2 standards.

Regardless of the type of pipette you are using, the tips will fit properly. In general, the Eppendorf Tips are designed to work with either the Adjustable Volume 2000 or the 2100 Research Pipettors. The epTIPS design minimizes the tip attachment force and ensures a secure seal. They also come in a range of different sizes to accommodate the various applications.

The Eppendorf Pipette tips are universal and can be used with most Eppendorf Pipette models. They work with the epTIPS Totally-Integrated Piping System. The epTIPS design reduces the insertion and ejection forces and ensures a good seal. The epTIPS are color-coded, which makes it easy to find the correct tip for the specific application.

If you already have an Eppendorf pipette, you can use Eppendorf tips with it. They are designed to fit the same way as the Eppendorf Tips. The epTIPS allows the pipettes to work with different types of eppendorf Tips. This design improves the accuracy of the measurements. eppendorf is an excellent choice for both professional and home users.

For the most accurate results, you should use Eppendorf tips. These are designed to work with the Adjustable Volume 2000 and 2100 Research Pipetttors. They are compatible with other brands and models of eppendorf and other types of pipettes. The epTIPS is a Totally-Integrated Piping System that reduces the force of attaching the tip to the pipette. You can buy the tips for 200 ul, 300 ul, and 1,000 ul. Moreover, they are certified in compliance with the DIN and EN ISO 8655-2.

The epTIPS enables you to fit various Eppendorf pipette tips with different eppendorf pipes. This system eliminates the need to switch out different sizes and shapes. This feature allows you to easily replace the eppendorf Tips with other brands and types. When buying non-eppendorf pipettes, make sure to check the eppendorf recommendations.

In order to avoid cross-contamination, you must use universal tips. These tips are designed to fit all micropipettes on the market. They are available in bulk and pre-racked. Because they are cheaper than Eppendorf pipete barrels, they are also available in convenient reloads. Although non-eppendorf tip sizes do not come in sterile containers, they can be autoclave sterilized.

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