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March 31, 2022
How To Set The Volume On A Micropipette?

Micropipette, Variable Volume Variable volume micropipettes are the ideal precision instrument for the liquid measurement needs of clinical testing and quality control laboratories. A micropipette is a laboratory device used to absorb and transfer small volumes of liquids. High performance variable volume micropipette with a 0.1-2.5uL volume range in 0.01uL increments. Simple design allows for […]

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March 31, 2022
How Do You Calculate Micropipette?

Pipette Calibration: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide Steps Involved in the Calibration of Your Pipette Note: You should check the calibration of your pipette using two different volumes. Take distilled water in a beaker and record its temperature. Gather your pipette and the correct tips based on both the small and large volumes that the pipette […]

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March 31, 2022
What Volumes Are The Micropipettes?

100–1000 µl adjustable volume micropipette (A-style) Designed for the pros with advanced ergonomics and top quality performance. 100–1000 μl adjustable-volume micropipette, includes 4-digit volume adjustment, tip ejector, and accommodates standard 1000 μl micropipette tips. Take your pipetting to the next level with our A-style pipettes. A 100–1000 μl adjustable-volume micropipette designed for the pros. Very […]

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