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Do All Pipette Tips Fit All Pipettes?

Posted on March 30, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
 Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill  
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Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill 

How We Determine What Tip Fits On Your Pipettor

So how do we determine what tips will fit your pipettor?  Here, the tip manufacturer states which make, model and volume range a specific tip they manufacture will fit on. The brand, model and size of each pipettor is matched to a specific tip that the manufacturer produces. Some tip makers will make statements such as this statement taken from the Thermo Fisher 2011-2012 catalog: [Fits on] Oxford BenchMate™, Pipetman™, Finnpipette™, Rainin Classic™, Eppendorf Research™. This method gives some assurance to people who have one of the pipet brand/models mentioned, but it doesn’t specify the capacity, whether it will or will not work on multi-channel models and in many cases. Another way to state this is "You try this on your pipettor. If it works, great!" The user has to only decide what volume of tip to use. Some pipettors use a highly specific type of tip. For example, the Clay-Adams Selectapette™. This tip will fit on no other pipettor.


Pipette Tip Adapter Compatibility Guide

We know how important it is for you to have easy, quick access to all the pipettes and pipette tips your medical laboratory uses. That’s why we maintain ample stock of a huge variety, from sterile and non-sterile to filtered and non-filtered. You’ll also find a range of quantities and packaging types to address your medical lab’s unique space concerns. Please refer to this comprehensive compatibility guide when shopping for pipettes or pipette tips to ensure you choose the right combination. For every tip that we offer, you’ll find a pipette that matches it!


Compatible Pipette Tip Selection Tool

This tool is available to match your pipette with compatible tips for your application. Filter pipettes by brand, model and more to find compatible tips. Step 1. By filtering all pipette criteria, you will receive a list of all the compatible tips. Please note that all filters (Step 5/5) need to be selected before a list of suitable tips is displayed. Step 2. You can narrow the tip options according your needs. You can select as many filters as are relevant to you. Other features like a comparison table helps you to select more suitable tip option by viewing multiple choices side by side.

CAPP Pipette Tips Compatibility Chart

CAPP ExpellPlus low retention pipette tips have ultra-smooth inner surface, reducing sample binding to the absolute minimum. Manufactured on superb quality, Swiss made injection molds, both Expell and ExpellPlus racked pipette tips offer universal pipette tips. CAPP ExpellPlus filtered pipette tips are of Premium Quality, offering dimensional consistency, great finish, flash-free orifice,etc. Expell and ExpellPlus Bulk tips come in self-standing and self-sealing plastic bags, enabling comfortable usage and storage. Expell reloading tips system is the perfect choice for users wishing to save on plastic waste and storage space. CAPP ExpellPlus individually wrapped tips are exceptionally sterile liquid handling tools designed for scientists working with sensitive.


Corning Pipette Tip Compatibility Guide

Corning DeckWorks pipet tip system is designed to allow you to maximize storage space and help reduce the production and waste of plastic materials. Both the hinged racks and reload decks within this system are manufactured with recycled plastic. The entire DeckWorks system is comprised of 7 sizes of graduated pipet tips which are longer than standard tips to minimize the contamination issues often associated with traditional pipet styles. Sizes include 10 µL, 20 µL, 100 µL, 200 µL, 200 µL extended-length, 300 µL, and 1,000 µL tips.

FAQ of Pipette Tips

Are Eppendorf pipettes compatible with Rainin tips?

Rainin pipette tips fit most pipette brands, including a pipette tip for Rainin, Gilson, Eppendorf, Sartorius (BioHit), Thermo (Finn), and VWR pipettes.


What tips fit Gilson pipettes?

PIPETMAN® DIAMOND Tips are designed to fit PIPETMAN® perfectly and guarantee maximum accuracy and precision in conjunction with your Gilson pipette. PIPETMAN® EXPERT Tips can be used with most leading pipette brands.


Do universal tips fit Eppendorf pipettes?

Superior Quality and Performance. Rainin universal-fit tips provide outstanding performance for non-LTS Rainin pipettes and most other pipette brands, including Gilson, Eppendorf, Sartorious (BioHit), Thermo (Finn) and VWR.


What are LTS compatible tips?

The LTS tips are thin walled and incorporate a small, well-defined seal area and a positive 'stop'. This 'stop' lets you know exactly when the seal is made – so there is no need to 'jam' or pound the shaft onto the tip.


What is a universal pipette tip?

Universal pipette tips are disposable and designed to fit multichannel and single pipettes from many manufacturers. Compared to pipette specific tips, universal pipette tips offer high levels of performance and offer versatile uses with many pipette models.

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