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Does Large Orifice Pipette Tip Affect Accuracy

Posted on April 13, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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Do large orifice pipettes decrease the accuracy of a liquid sample? The answer depends on the type of liquid being used. Dense, viscous, and corrosive liquids require a larger orifice to dissolve them. Generally, the bigger the orifice, the more fluid it will aspirate during the pipetting cycle. Although this may reduce the sample volume, it can also reduce the accuracy of the pipette.

The polypropylene tip used to manufacture pipettes has undergone several changes in the last several years. Manufacturers now use a high-grade polypropylene material and do not add any additives or 9-octadecenamide. They also apply automation and new technologies to ensure that their tips do not contain demolding agents or parting agents. These improvements have improved the accuracy of the pipettes and made them better for precision and accuracy.

Wide-orifice pipette tips are designed with a larger orifice. It offers flexibility and makes it easy to pipet samples that are difficult to handle. A standard pipette tip can cause mechanical shearing force to the sample, causing the cells to fragment. A wide orifice pipette ensures that the cells will remain viable. It is also convenient to use for plating.

The wide-orifice tips have a large aperture, which reduces the shear force in the fluid. Because of this, the tips are better suited for difficult solutions, like cellular samples. They also reduce flow resistance and prevent cell shearing. So, does a large-orifice tip affect accuracy? Yes, it can! In fact, this is one of the most important reasons to use a wide-orifice pipette.

The larger the orifice, the greater the chance of accurate pipetting. However, a large orifice tip is not the only factor that affects the accuracy. Its material and inner surface can make a big difference in the accuracy of your pipette. So, how does a large orifice pipette tip influence your results? While the size of the orifice has a bearing on accuracy, the shape and overall design of the tip are also important.

Choosing a large-orifice pipette is a matter of preference. It is important to choose a tip with a large orifice that will help you get accurate results. This is the best choice for many laboratory applications. Its size will ensure you can accurately assess a compound's concentration without worrying about the volume of the solution. There is no need to buy a larger orifice if the sample is not of the desired concentration.

The size of a pipette tip is also important for accuracy. While large orifice pipettes are more accurate than small ones, they have higher vapor pressure. This means that the tips will produce more accurate results for your experiments. In addition to its size, the right choice of the pipette tip will make a huge difference to your laboratory's results. If you're looking for the best accuracy, choose a wide-orifice tip for the job.


Large-orifice pipettes have large-orifice tips. They have larger orifices, which helps them to avoid mechanical shearing and flow resistance. Furthermore, they can be used for platenting, which is another major advantage. A pipette with a wide-orifice tip can be more versatile than a small-orifice pipette.

The second factor to consider when choosing the right pipette tip for a scientific study is the quality of the injection molding machine. Even minor variations can greatly impact the results of a study. Cheap tips can be problematic for the results of a scientific experiment, so it's vital to ensure the accuracy of your measurements. Regardless of the size of your sample, you should be able to find the best pipette tip for your application.

In general, large orifice tips are not as accurate as their smaller counterparts. The diameter of the pipette tip is not the only determining factor. The shape of the pipette is more important than the size. In addition to the size of the pipette, the quality of the sample that is aspirated must be high. A poor tip will also cause a leak.

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