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How Do I Choose A Pipette Tip?

Posted on May 13, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
 Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill  
tip loader for pipette tip rack loader
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Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill 


PipetTipFinder's mission is to provide you with the data you need to find the right pipette tip or pipettor for your application and within your budget. Are you trying to save money? Would you like a no charge cost analysis with cost saving recommendations? Comprehensive choice, free advice from people who know liquid handling. Comparing Pipettor Precision and Accuracy: Every now and then, someone will voice the opinion: "I would never buy Brand X pipettor because it isn’t as accurate as Brand Y." We all have our favorite brands but are there really some pipettors that are inaccurate and imprecise being marketed today? Let’s start by reviewing what the terms precision and accuracy mean.

Pipettes and Pipette Tips | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Industry-leading pipetting systems for any application. Meet the demands of daily pipetting with Thermo Scientific™ pipette and tip systems. Improve accuracy and precision with pipetting systems that incorporate years of experience and innovation for consistent, reproducible results. All you need, including worldwide service, support. Thermo Fisher Scientific enables our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Fisher Scientific offers a range of high-quality pipets, pipettes and pipette tips that can be used in a variety of contexts, from labs and hospitals to school biology classes. This includes basic disposable pipettes right through to more complex serological and volumetric pipets.


Rainin LTS Pipette Tips

Rainin pipette tips fit most pipette brands, including a pipette tip for Rainin, Gilson, Eppendorf, Sartorius (BioHit), Thermo (Finn), and VWR pipettes. Made from 100% virgin polypropylene in a fully automated, Class 100,000 clean room facility, Rainin tips provide excellent clarity and flexibility for accurate touch-off. The only alternative to Rainin LTS™ LiteTouch™ pipet tips PURE™ tips are pre-sterilized 20 µL, 200 µL or 1000 µL liquid volumes SoftFit L tips deliver highly accurate samples, seal well on the pipettor and are easy to seat and eject. Related Products: Lts. The tips fit and eject with significantly less force than most conventional pipet tips. The natural barrier aerosol tips fit Rainin® LTS® pipettors and eject with significantly less force than conventional pipet tips. They feature ultrafine points and super clear resin for excellent viewing of sample. Certifications: Lot certified.

Pipette Tips from Globe Scientific

Globe Scientific offers pipette tips designed to fit a wide variety of pipettors. Packaged in bulk, or in convenient autoclavable racks, each tip is designed to meet or exceed the pipettor manufacturers' specifications. Made from prime virgin polypropylene, these tips provide the high accuracy and reproducibility needed for effective laboratory testing.

Pipette Tips TipOne

TipOne® is the original easy-to-load, refillable tip system that saves space and reduces waste. They are reusable, easy to refill, and will last through repeated autoclaving cycles. in May 1998, researches and technicians struggled with tip-pipette compatibility.Most labs work with different sets of pipette models from several suppliers. Best tip fit was provided only with the pipette tips supplied by the pipette manufacturer.

Compatible Pipette Tip Selection Tool

Pipette and Pipette Tips Compatibility Tool This tool is available to match your pipette with compatible tips for your application. Filter pipettes by brand, model and more to find compatible tips. Step 1. By filtering all pipette criteria, you will receive a list of all the compatible tips. Step 2. You can narrow the tip options according your needs. You can select as many filters as are relevant to you. Other features like a comparison table helps you to select more suitable tip option by viewing multiple choices side by side. You can save and export favorite tips by email for later review. Find out more proceeds you to detailed product information page with possibility to add to cart.

FAQ of Pipette Tips

What tips fit Gilson pipettes?

PIPETMAN® DIAMOND Tips are designed to fit PIPETMAN® perfectly and guarantee maximum accuracy and precision in conjunction with your Gilson pipette. PIPETMAN® EXPERT Tips can be used with most leading pipette brands.

What tips fit Rainin pipettes?

Oxford LTR tips are designed to fit all Rainin® LTS-Style Pipette and provide a cost-effective alternative for scientists. All Oxford LTR tips are: Multichannel-friendly Low Retention to provide maximum sample recovery.

What pipettes tips are compatible with Eppendorf?

Barrier tips prevent cross-contamination of samples by means of an aerosol filter. They are RNase- and DNase-free and are ideal for handling RNA, PCR applications, and for working with radioisotopes or toxic chemicals. Ten racks containing 8 x 12 tips each are provided. They are compatible with Eppendorf® pipettors.


What are LTS compatible tips?

The LTS tips are thin walled and incorporate a small, well-defined seal area and a positive 'stop'. This 'stop' lets you know exactly when the seal is made – so there is no need to 'jam' or pound the shaft onto the tip.

What is the purpose of the filter in filter tips?

Filtered pipette tips are also referred to as aerosol barrier tips as they are fitted with a filter inside the proximal part of the pipette tip, protecting the pipette from aerosols and aspirating viscous or volatile samples into the shaft.

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