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How Do You Dispose Of Pipette Tip Boxes?

Posted on May 13, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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What to do with empty pipette tip boxes: Empty pipette tip boxes can be used as a tub for solutions or for the storage of tubes, paper clips, bottle caps, etc. Plastic pipette tips can absolutely be recycled, but not each waste hauler has the facilities or the confidence to do so. Usually, it means separating your tips into hazardous/non-hazardous, decontaminating them and then depositing them in a puncture proof recycling container. Place the sealed box or sharps container into a regular laboratory trash can. Label with a hazardous waste tag or radioactive waste tag (as appropriate) after you place the first contaminated pipette into the plastic bag or other container.

How to Dispose of Plastic Tissue-Culture Pipettes

Plastic tissue-culture pipettes must be collected and disposed of in rigid, puncture- and leak-proof containers. Refer to the Empty Research Container Management page for guidance. Place used pipettes in a BIOHAZARD container that has been lined with 2 labeled, red biohazard bags. Follow these guidelines to store and dispose of pipettes. Select a category depending on type of contamination: Used but not contaminated with hazardous material; Chemical or radioactive contamination; Contaminated with biohazard materials (no chemical or radioactive materials); Contaminated with mixed hazardous material.


TerraCycle US Zero Waste Boxes

Meet the Zero Waste Box system, the first comprehensive recycling solution for everything. All-In-One - Zero Waste Box™; Plastic Packaging - Zero Waste Box™; A Zero Waste Box provides solutions for difficult-to-recycle waste that cannot be recycled through one of our free programs or through regular municipal recycling. The Zero Waste Box program helps you recycle what's left, giving you the opportunity to go zero waste, sending nothing to landfill. What is a Zero Waste Box? TerraCycle's Zero Waste Box™ platform allows you to recycle almost any type of waste, such as coffee capsules from your morning coffee or complex laboratory waste from your business.

How Zero Waste Box™ System Works

The Zero Waste Box™ system is the all-in-one recycling solution from TerraCycle® that can be used by everyone to recycle everything. With our box, pouch, and pallet solutions, it is easy to make a positive impact and reduce what you send to landfill. The Zero Waste Box system is a perfect option for any home, school, or business. How it works: Order - Select a Zero Waste Box system and place your order. Choose from small, medium, and large boxes, as well as pouch and pallet options for select items. Collect - Collect the accepted items to fill the box, pouch, or pallet. Ship - Send it back to TerraCycle! Boxes and pouches ship free with a prepaid return label. Reorder - Order your next Zero Waste Box system to continue to recycle everything.

How to Set Up Your Zero Waste Box

Everything collected through the Zero Waste Box system is sorted and processed into raw materials that can be reused instead of being sent to landfill. Read below to learn how different types of materials are recycled. Once received, start by unfolding the flat box and follow the folding instructions on the bottom. Next, fold and close the top lid and secure it with the cardboard flap. Press down on the perforated cut-out on the top lid. Remember to place your box in an easily accessible spot. That’s it!

FAQ of Pipette Tips

How do I return zero waste box?

How do I return my Zero Waste Box™ when it's full? When your Zero Waste Box is full, simply tape the top opening shut. Your box will arrive with a prepaid return shipping label already attached! Check the label to see the shipping carrier, then drop off your sealed box at the carrier's nearest location.

Are pipette tip boxes recycled?

Typically made of #5 plastic, pipet tip boxes are rarely accepted by curbside recycling programs and have become part of a significant waste stream to landfills and incinerators.

How does TerraCycle process my Pipet tip box?

TerraCycle will process every pipet tip box that is received. Each collection box holds up to 113 empty pipet tip boxes and can be placed at convenient locations in your lab. When full, simply add the collection box to outgoing mail. Each box has a pre-paid UPS shipping label.


How do I dispose of plastic pipette tips?

The pipettes should be placed in the receptacle so that the contaminated tips are submerged in the disinfectant. At the conclusion of procedures, the pipettes can be drained and transferred from the receptacle to a biohazard bag for treatment by autoclave, or disposal through the medical waste hauler.

Are plastic pipette tips considered sharps?

According to the WCM's waste disposal procedures, a "sharp" is any glass, metal, plastic instrument or item that can cut or has the potential to cut, puncture, scratch or abrade skin, whether it is contaminated or not. Using this definition, a pipette tip is considered a sharp and must be placed in a sharps container.

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