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How Do You Dispose of Pipette Tips?

Posted on March 30, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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Disposal of Plastic Serological Pipettes

All plastic pipettes, regardless of contamination status should be segregated from other lab wastes because they readily puncture waste and trash bags which increases spill potential. Disposal recommendations: Pipettes that ARE NOT biologically-contaminated; Pipettes that are biologically contaminated. Plastic tissue-culture pipettes must be collected and disposed of in rigid, puncture- and leak-proof containers. Follow instructions based on type of contamination: Expand All Used but not contaminated with hazardous material Biohazardous contamination only Chemical or radioactive contamination. Pipette safe keepers are alternate methods to dispose serological pipettes. Serological pipettes could be collected in them, sealed, autoclaved and disposed in regulated medical waste boxes. Pipette washers or 5-gallon buckets may be lined with two autoclaveable biohazard bags and used for pipette segregation.


Pipette tip boxes and trays

Holders and replacement trays for disposable pipette tips; designed and packaged to facilitate the reuse of pipette tip boxes to reduce the overall amount of plastic waste; available in a variety of configurations and with and without pipette tips. Pipette tip racks and inserts are available in various styles to accommodate different kinds of pipette tips. Pipette tips are usually sold unracked, racked, or in a configuration that makes them easy to reload or refill. Many reload systems are stackable to save bench space and storage space, and to maintain pipette tip sterility. Outer sleeves on sterile pipette tips protect them from contamination during refill. 4 Full boxes of racked, sterile, certified, low-retention pipette tips: 0.1-10uL (1 Box of 960 tips, 10 racks per box) 0.1-20uL (1 Box of 960 tips, 10 racks per box) 1-200uL (1 Box of 960 tips, 10 racks per box).


Is a pipette tip considered a "sharp"?

Yes. Using this definition, a pipette tip is considered a sharp and must be placed in a sharps container. If you have any doubt, use a sharps container for disposal. According to the WCM’s waste disposal procedures, a “sharp” is any glass, metal, plastic instrument or item that can cut or has the potential to cut, puncture, scratch or abrade skin, whether it is contaminated or not. Using this definition, a pipette tip is considered a sharp and must be placed in a sharps container. Once the box is full, it should be securely closed with tape and the outside labeled "Non-biohazardous SHARPS for biological associated laboratories" or "Non-contaminated SHARPS for chemical related laboratories.” Custodial services will remove properly packaged and labeled containers.

Pipette Tips, Boxes, & Wafers

Pipette boxes and pipette wafers cannot be recycled in your building’s mixed recycling bins, carts, and/or dumpsters. With a high melting point, it's used to contain hot liquids and food, and many medicine bottles rely on PP. Rainin pipette tips and most of our pipette tip racks are made out of pure 100% virgin Polypropelene. Rainin hinged rack RT rack family All components are made of 100% recyclable Polypropylene (PP). All range of our pipipett tips are made of virgin polypropylene, no other chemical additives are added. The tips could be sterilized by autoclave, with the temperature of 121°C. Our pipette tips are designed as micro point and long reach to make it accurate and less cross-contamination.


Ward's Pipette Tip Disposal Box

The ward's pipette tip disposal box is convenient for one-handed disposal of used pipette tips, and eliminates any need to handle pipette tips used with hazardous fluids. Biohazard disposal bags can be used in conjunction with this box if hazardous fluids are not acrylic friendly.

Waste Disposal Boxes: VWR offers disposal boxes for your medical waste management needs. Safely dispose of used pipet tips in thick acrylic containers with flip-top covers that contain hazardous waste. Benchtop and floor models of incinerator-ready cardboard boxes with polypropylene bags are available for the disposal of broken glass.


FAQ of Pipette Tips

Where do you put used pipette tips?

Pipettes should be placed in a dedicated container that is lined with a sturdy trash bag, and configured in such a way that pipettes are oriented in one direction.


Why do you dispose of the pipette tips every time you use one?

In an actual experiment, after you have used the tip, you usually need to dispose of it. You do not want to use the same tip again after you have touch a sample with the tip, because DNA from the sample could now be on the tip.

Are plastic pipettes sharps?

This definition is expanded to include any item that cut or puncture a container or bag. This includes glass, empty bottles, scalpel blades, razor blades syringes and needles. Plastic pipettes and pipette tips are a special type of sharp since they can puncture or cut under special circumstances.


Can serological pipettes be recycled?

Serological pipettes could be collected in them, sealed, autoclaved and disposed in regulated medical waste boxes.


What is a serological pipette?

Serological pipettes are temperature calibrated laboratory tools that are the ideal choice for laboratories that need to transfer large amounts of liquid (1 mL to 50 mL).

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