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How Long Do We Typically Autoclave Pipette Tips

Posted on April 13, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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How long do we autoclave pipette tips? When sterilizing a pipette tip, you can either spray it with a cleaning solution or wipe it down with a rag. After the cleaning process is complete, let the tip dry for at least 10 minutes. If it is crowded, add additional time. A 30-minute Liquids Cycle will sterilise a five-liter flask.

During RNA extraction, it is important to sterilize pipette tips. Although autoclaving the entire pipette is not recommended, it is safe if you are sterilizing the tip at the same time. During RNA extraction, you should use non-sterile pipette tips. This will keep your sample sterile. You can also buy reloads in bulk or pre-racked reloads. These reloads are not sterile. To ensure the safety of your research, always use sterile tips.

To ensure the safety of your sample, autoclave your pipette tips according to manufacturer's recommendations. This means holding the device at 121degC for about 20 minutes. Do not leave the pipettes unattended in the autoclave until the pressure gauge is zero. To avoid the risk of warping or cracking, it is best to rinse pipette tips after use. If you are not comfortable with autoclaving your tips, you can buy them from a drugstore. This should be enough time for the pipette to be sterilized, but it should not be overdone. The longer you autoclave your tip, the more damage it will do to the tip.

Before autoclaving pipette tips, you should be sure to check the tip's fit. Choosing a pipette with a poor seal will allow air to enter the barrel, and it will not aspirate the correct volume of liquid. When choosing a pipette, you should choose a universal tip. These are usually the best option, but you can try using your manufacturer's tips as well.

Autoclave your pipette tips for the highest level of sterility. These tips are sterilized by removing air. To sterilize a pipette tip, you must place it in a hot autoclave for at least 20 minutes. Using a steam autoclave will destroy any bacteria or germs inside the tip. However, you can save money by reusing your pipettes.

To autoclave pipette tips, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. For example, you should autoclave the pipette for 20 minutes at 121degC. The tips may become warped if autoclaved for longer than that. To avoid this, you can sterilize the pipete with a heat gun. This way, you won't need to worry about transferring infectious and toxic liquids from one tip to another.

For simple sterile pipette tips, you can use the same tips that you use for other reagents. In general, you can reuse a tip. Likewise, it is important to properly sterilize a tip if you're going to use it more than once. Once it has been steriled, it can be used again for many applications.

During the RNA extraction process, it is important to sterilize pipette tips. If the pipette is not sterilized, it may not work well. After autoclaving, you can put it in an incubator for 30 minutes. This method is the quickest and most convenient option for sterilizing a pipette tip. The autoclave does not sterilize the tip.


While autoclaving pipette tips, you should follow manufacturer guidelines for autoclaving the pipette tip. For example, the autoclave process should be no more than 20 minutes. During that time, you should use an airtight container to avoid contaminating the tip. A biohazards bag should be used in the sterilization process as it will prevent any bacterial contamination.

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