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How Many Types of Pipette Tips Are There in the Market?

Posted on March 30, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
 Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill  
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Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill 

Types of Pipette Tips

Different types of pipette tips Non-sterile, sterile, filtered, unfiltered, long, short, low retention, wide bore - the variety of tips available can be overwhelming. Filtered pipette tips are a perfect choice tip to utilize while training new individuals who are using a pipette for the first time. The filter inside of these tips will prevent over aspiration of sample up into the inside of the pipette shaft, which will damage a pipette creating high costs. Whether you are operating a university lab filled with students who have never aspirated a pipette before or a laboratory setting training new technicians on proper technique, filtered tips are a cost effective tool that can be used as a preventative measure towards protecting your pipettes longevity.


Micro Pipette Tips, Bulk, PP, 2

Micro Pipette Tips, Bulk, PP, 2 - 200µL Ultra Point Natural, CS/1000 Look no further for laboratory glassware. We stock popular sizes of beakers, flasks, graduated cylinders, bottles and vials. No minimum orders and we offer case discounts! • Bulk Micro Tips are offered in resealable zip lock bag. • The micro Tips can be manually accumulated in empty boxes. • The product is free from contamination and dust. • Abdos polyethylene pouches are recyclable. Pipette Micro Tips are good quality comsumable products for micropipettor. *Manufactured from specially high quality Polypropylene. *Tips with PP filter are also available. *Preferred accessories for most brand micropipettor. *Available with 3 transfer volumes of 0.1-10, 10-200 and 100-1000μL. *Color-coded for easy identification.


Lab Pipette Tips

LabSource presents an extensive line of pipette tips with a wide volume range for improved liquid handling accuracy and precision. We provide universal filter or non-filter tips, Rainin LTS-style tips, macro volume tips, positive displacement tips, and more for efficient handling, transfer, and management of samples. Manufactured by popular brands such as Thermo Scientific, Axygen Scientific, Sorenson BioScience, Biotix, and Brandtech Scientific, our quality pipette tips make way for maximum sample recovery in pipetting applications. Oxford Lab Products offers tips suitable for 96-well plates (single, 8- and 12- channel pipettes) and 384-well plates (16- and 24- channel pipettes).

Pipette Tips Play a Key Role in Lab Experiment

Pipette tips are essential laboratory equipment, despite how often they are neglected. Here are a few reasons why: Pipette tips allow scientists to precisely quantify liquid levels in their research. Pipetting is a method that every scientist should be aware of. Because of the importance of this technique, even high school students learn fundamental pipetting skills. To keep your experiment free of contamination, you can obtain pre-sterilized pipette tips that don’t contain any DNA, RNase, pyrogens, or ATP. This ensures that the outcomes are better and more accurate. The factor of efficiency is vital to scientists, especially in the lab. Pipette tips make it simple for scientists to accomplish scientific research. They eliminate the need for more difficult and time-consuming tools.


Filter Tips are an Essential Part of Covid19 Testing

The filter pipette tips, also known as the aerosol barrier tips, serve the basic purpose of protecting your pipettes from aerosols and aspirating volatile or viscous solutions, avoiding contamination and damage of the pipette. The filter tips are pre-sterilized and are DNase/RNase-free, and are fitted inside the proximal part of the tip. With the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic increasing with every passing day, it has become crucial to effectively test people for the virus. For the detection of such high-stake and critical diseases, pathologists have to make sure that the sample and the testing equipment is not contaminated by the virus, hence filter pipette tips are the best option.

FAQ of Pipette Tips

How many pipette tips come in a box?

The polypropylene boxes are available in four sizes to accommodate either 20-, 200-, 300-, or 1000-µl pipette tips. Each box comes with a 96-place color coded grid insert.


What is a rack of pipette tips?

Holders and replacement trays for disposable pipette tips; designed and packaged to facilitate the reuse of pipette tip boxes to reduce the overall amount of plastic waste; available in a variety of configurations and with and without pipette tips.


What is a box tip?

Tip box means a clear box secured by a lock that is used for the collection of gratuities. It is a locked container into which all dealer tips must be inserted.

What are lab pipettes called?

Pasteur pipette. It is also called teat pipettes, droppers, eye droppers and chemical droppers. Also known as droppers; glass pipets that are used with a bulb for transfer of small volumes of liquids; the pipet typically tapers to a narrow opening; in various lengths and plugged and unplugged formats.


What is the use of pipette in chemistry lab?

About Pipettes. A pipette is a laboratory instrument used to measure out or transfer small quantities of liquid, in volumes of milliliters (mL), microliters (μL).

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