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How to Dispose of Pipette Tips

Posted on April 7, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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Disposing of pipette tips is important, especially if you use them for newborn screening tests. These sharps are hazardous to the environment and can easily puncture plastic trash bags. To prevent contamination, pipette tips should be placed in a glassware box or standard cardboard box lined with plastic, and then sealed with tape. Custodial services will collect these items and discard them properly.

When disposing of pipette tips, always wash them thoroughly before autoclaving. If the pipette tip has an infectious agent, it should be placed in a sharps container. If it is a BL1 or BL2 tip, it must be decontaminated with alcohol or bleach. Alternatively, if it is a BL1 or a BL2 tip, it must be autoclaved.

Although it is illegal to dispose of pipette tips directly into the red bag waste, it is perfectly legal to recycle their boxes. However, if you do this, you'll end up with a biohazardous substance and unsanitary conditions. The best way to dispose of pipette tips safely is to keep them in a puncture-proof container. These containers are not expensive and can help you reduce waste disposal costs.

It's important to remember that pipette tips can be recycled. But, they should not be thrown away in the regular garbage as they are sharp and can puncture a plastic trash bag. Instead, they should be autoclaved and disposed of in a regulated medical waste box. Fortunately, there are methods for recycling used pipette tips. You can easily start a recycling program and start collecting used pipette tips for re-use.

Generally, pipette tips are considered biohazardous and must be disposed of properly. The BL1 and BL2 tips are biohazardous and must be properly decontaminated before they can be recycled. To make them safe, they must be stored in a puncture-proof container. You should also avoid putting them in a landfill. The best way to recycle them is to store them in a sterile sharps container or a sealed box.

As a medical waste, pipette tips should not be thrown away in the trash. Regardless of their hazard, they must be disposed of properly. In addition to the proper disposal of micropipette tips, they should not be discarded in the regular garbage. They should be put in a regulated medical waste box. The tips that contain infectious agents should be disposed of by the proper means.

If you want to dispose of pipette tips in a safe way, you should make sure that you wash them well before you autoclave them. You can have a pipette tip washer to help. After autoclaving, you should wipe them thoroughly to remove all trace of bacteria or other microorganisms. For non-hazardous micropipete tips, you can simply lay them out on a clean towel and reuse them later.

Once you have gathered all the pipette tips, place them in a puncture-proof container. BL1 and BL2 tips should be decontaminated with alcohol or bleach before being recycled. Neither tip should be disposed of in the trash, and the jars should be disposed of properly. These disposable containers can be recycled in a medical waste management program and can also be used for other purposes.

Pipette tips are considered sharp and should be placed in a container with a labeled hazardous waste tag. The plastic tip should be stored in a puncture-proof box, as it may contain multiple categories of hazardous material. After disposing of the tips, you should place them in the appropriate container to prevent cross-contamination. You should also keep the tube in the original box, as the needle can become contaminated with bacteria.


Most pipette tips are made of polyethylene, but you can also dispose of them in trash if you don't have the right storage system. Most pipettes are made of polyethylene, which is a highly recyclable material. It is safe to place the tip in a receptacle that is biohazard-free. If you are using a resealable tip rack, you can use a small bag to store the reusable ones.

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