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How to Sterilize Pipette Tips in Pipette Tip Box

Posted on April 1, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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When it comes to pipette tips, the first thing you should do is sterilize them in the tip box. This will ensure the maximum sterilization efficiency. The packaging of the tips in a tip box should be sterile, as they will go through several steps. For example, a lid can be covered with newspaper, which will absorb the excess water and prevent contamination.

Before using the tips in experiments, pipette tips should be sterile. You can do this by placing them in the autoclave or soaking them overnight in DEPC water. In case of autoclaving, you can also place them in a tip box with a moist heat source and allow them to dry out. For a more thorough sterilization, you can use a newspaper bag that is placed around the tip box. The newspaper will absorb the water and prevent re-contamination. However, this method will not work well with a closed-top tube.

Another method for sterilizing pipette tips is to place them in a moist heat-free environment. You can place a small box of liquid in the box, and then sterilize the tips with a steam autoclave. To avoid using water in the solution, wrap the tip box with newspaper and then place it in an incubator. Once the newspaper is dried, place it in the autoclave.

Once you have cleaned the tips, you can use autoclave to sterilize them. Depending on your pipette, you may want to sterilize them with a different method. In this case, you must make sure that you have properly disposed of the tips. After sterilizing, it is better to use the pipette tips that are supplied with the kits.

Besides autoclaving, pipette tips can also be sterilized with moist heat. To do this, wrap the tip box in newspaper and put it in an incubator after it has been autoclaved. You can also use a newspaper bag as a barrier to keep out excess water and sterile the pipette tips. During autoclaving, you should use the paper bag to prevent too much water from entering the autoclave. If the paper bag is not packed completely, it will not have any effect.

You can also autoclave pipette tips in pipete tip boxes by using moist heat. You can wrap a newspaper in the tip box and place it in the autoclave. You can also use an old tip box to autoclave new pipette tips. This will ensure easy loading and direct use of the sterile pipette tips.

After sanitizing the pipette tips in the pipette tip box, you can use them in the lab again. You can place the pipette in the autoclave for 10-12 minutes to ensure that they stay sterilized. If the container is not sterile, you can also use a paper bag to absorb excess water.

After a dirty pipette, you should sterilize it in the pipette tip box to avoid contamination. Keeping pipette tips in a tip box will ensure that they are clean and free from contamination. This will ensure the safety of the samples and prevent any possible bacterial infection. If the pipette is not clean, it will not work effectively.


In the past, some people did not use DEPC water when sterilizing the tip. This may lead to problems on the RNA extraction result page. Most customers do not sterilize the entire pipette tip box and will only need to sterilize the tips. Additionally, autoclaving is more costly than storing half the tube with clean tips. It also reduces the risk of cross-contamination and increases your expenses.

If you want to save time and energy, you should autoclave pipettes according to the manufacturer's instructions. When autoclaving, a temperature of 121oC should be used. A longer temperature may cause the tips to warp. If you have a long-standing pipete, you should not use it. When you use a pipete, you should avoid using a long-standing one. This can cause problems with the RNA extraction.

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