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How To Streak Plate Using Pipette Tip

Posted on March 18, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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To use a pipette tip, you first need to prepare your plate. Place it on a bench or on a rack. In order to apply streaks, you must have a sample to work with. You can use a suspension of cells in broth or an existing colony from another agar plate. As a beginner, it is best to use one sample for one plate at a time, but once you've become more familiar with it, you can switch over to several samples on a single plate.

Next, put the pipette tip into a Bunsen burner. Heat the wire on the hottest part of the flame. The hottest part of the flame is a blue cone, so place the metal loop into the flame. Once the wire is red, move it to the metal loop. Make sure that it is red hot, and move it so it approaches the loop. When the wire is cool, it can be used to streak plate the inoculum. Then, transfer the bacterial culture to the inoculum. This step prevents the bacteria from being aerosolized. You should also use a plastic glove when you autoclave the pipes. You're almost done. Then, you must place it in the tip of the burner, so that the flame will reach the loop. If the wire is red hot, the sample will be red, so the temperature should be low.

Once you've prepared your liquid LB, you can start streaking. If you're working with a single bacterial colony, you'll use the sterile pipette tip to spread the bacteria over a small section of the plate. This will create streak #1. Hold the toothpick at an angle, like a pencil, and slide it over the section of the plate with the flame approaching the tip. Once you've done this, the bacterium should be visible in the morning.

After the metal loop has reached the desired temperature, the inoculum should not be too hot to touch. However, if the inoculum is not too hot, the tip should be sterilized.

The next step is to dip the sterile pipette tip into the bacteria and saturate the plate with the bacteria. You should then spread them over a small section of the plate to create streak #1. To streak the plate, you should hold the pipette tip at an angle. For this, you should make sure that the tip touches the agar, not the plate. After this, you should remove the tube and reapply the agar.

Then, spread the bacteria over a section of the plate. You'll want to create streak #1. This will help you visualize the growth of bacteria on the plate. Then, you'll need to dip the toothpick into the agar and spread it over the section. During this step, the bacteria should spread on the surface of the plate. For streaking, it must be held at an angle.

To prepare the tube, place the metal loop in the bottom of the bottle. Carefully remove the pipette tip, and then insert it into the metal loops. Afterwards, insert the tip of the pipette into the agar. Repeat the same process for streak plate #2. Once you've completed the experiment, the tubes are ready for a light microscope. Now, you need to prepare the next step. You'll need to add the agar to the plate.

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