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Pipette Tip Mold For Automation Pipette Tip Manufacturing

10ul, 20ul, 30ul, 70ul, 100ul, 200ul, 300ul, 500ul, 1000ul, 1250ul pipet tip mold

What is pipette tip mold?

The Pipette Tip Mold was conceived, designed and built as a complete integrated system with the hot runner system. This thinking allows the mold to be controlled and adjusted filling plastic volume. It’s for manufacturing high precision and accuracy pipette tips with various sizes: 10ul, 10ul(ultra length), 20ul, 30ul, 70ul, 100ul, 200ul, 200ul(ultra length), 300ul, 500ul, 1000ul, 1250ul or other customized size tip.

Type of pipette tip mold

Universal pipette tip mold
10ul pipette tip mold
20ul pipette tip mold
30ul pipette tip mold
70ul pipette tip mold
100ul pipette tip mold
200ul pipette tip mold
300ul pipette tip mold
500ul pipette tip mold
1000ul pipette tip mold
1250ul pipette tip mold
16 cavty pipette tip mold
32 cavty pipette tip mold
48 cavty pipette tip mold
64 cavty pipette tip mold

Overview of pipette tip mold

1000ul tip mold, dimension: 400*600*700(L*W*H)
Cavty side
Core side
mold for 1000ul-optifit-pipette-tips-nj
mold for 1000ul-optifit-pipette-tips

Parameter of pipette tip mold

1000ul tip mold
1. Cycle Time: 12(s)
2. 8 Drop Hot Tip Moldmaster Hot Runner System.
3. Mold Base Steel:s136h
     Cavity Sub-insert: M330
     Core Sub-insert: M330
4. Service Life: 1 Million Times
5. Mold Base Standard: DME Or Hasco
6. Mold Grade: Spi-spe 101
7. Moldbase Size: 400(W)*600(L)*500(H) mm
8. Tooling Weight About: 960kg

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Tip Loader is pipette tip sorting device for bulk pipette tip refill into empty rack.
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