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What Are Low Retention Pipette Tips

Posted on April 7, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill 

Low retention pipette tips deliver exceptional value and performance through a perfected blend of raw materials. These pipette tips are made with high quality and durable stainless steel to withstand the test of time. They are compatible with all major brands of pipettes and feature hydrophobic surfaces. The ultra-low retention of Low retention tube tips ensures that the samples injected are free of water and other substances.

Low retention pipette tips have low surface tension and are characterized by defect-free surfaces. They reduce sample loss and improve reproducibility and consistency when using critical samples. Unlike blunt-end tips, these tips are autoclavable and are available in a variety of sizes. They are available in a wide range of designs and are compatible with most types of Rainin pipettes. They are made from biodegradable polymers and are free from RNase/DNase.

Low retention pipette tips are made from a defect-free surface. This reduces sample loss, allowing users to obtain more accurate results when using critical samples. These tips are produced under cleanroom conditions and can be autoclaved. They are available in a range of sizes, and are ideally suited for small-scale applications. When choosing low retention pipette tips, you should choose the ones that are compatible with your pipette, preferably a universal tip.

Low retention pipette tips are a good choice for high precision measurements. Their defect-free surface helps avoid contamination, and the reduced surface tension ensures accurate results when using critical samples. Moreover, low retention tips are designed for use with Rainin pipettes and should be used according to their instructions. In addition, Low Retention tips can be purchased separately from a supplier. This allows you to save money by eliminating the need to buy separate syringes. Its low surface tension allows for more precise results and eliminates sample loss, resulting in more accurate results. This type of tip can be used for both liquids and powders. They are also suitable for deep well blocks and microcentrifuge tubes. These types of pipette tips are easy to use and can fit most pipettes.

Another popular type of pipette tips is low retention. These are made with a hydrophobic plastic additive. This prevents the liquid from sticking to the tip's surface. The polypropylene used in making these pipette tips is autoclavable, reducing the need to sterilize them. So, it's easy to find the right pipete tips for your experiments.

Low retention pipete tips are manufactured by polishing the surface of the tip mold. This method is suitable for a variety of samples, including critical samples. It also minimizes sample loss. It is possible to use the same type of Low Retention tip with two different types of pipettes to achieve the same results. If you're working on a particular project, low retention tips will help you achieve more consistency and reproducibility.


The tip is very flexible and features a non-bevelled end that makes it easy to dispense the final tiny sample. The ultra-fine point is ideal for pipetting macrophages and sticky DNA materials. It also improves ergonomics. The user can pipete closer to the bench.

Another benefit of low retention pipette tips is their reduced volume. They reduce the amount of liquid that will be deposited in the pipette tips. While this may sound like an ideal solution for some laboratories, others find that it is more time-consuming and unprofessional. Using low retention pipette tips can help you save time and money. This type of tip will allow you to accurately measure your sample in a much more accurate and efficient manner.

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