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What Are The Classifications Of Micropipette?

Posted on May 18, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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Fixed Volume Micropipette

Bio-Rad's fixed-volume micropipets are designed to accurately measure and transfer solution volumes in microliter (µl) ranges. These micropipets provide the accuracy of standard adjustable-volume micropipets but at a fraction of the price. These dedicated pipets accommodate the sample volumes most frequently encountered in a teaching laboratory. Fixed Volume Globe Scientific Diamond micropipettes are a cost-effective alternative to high priced name-brand pipettors. Manufactured for high accuracy and precision, our Diamond pipettors come with a certificate of calibration, a recalibration tool and a full one year warranty. Micropipette features a two-stage plunger dispenser, which ensures high accuracy and precision in pipetting techniques and facilitates last drop dispensing. Unique tip cone accepts both micro and ultra micro pipet tips. Each micropipette is fully autoclavable and color-coded for easy identification. Includes one pipet tip.

Adjustable Micropipette

Adjustable Pipette Multi-Volume Single Channel Micropipette £ 20.00 ex VAT High accuracy and precision micropipette for beginners and professionals. Volume Range * Clear - + Add to cart Description This pipette is a general all-purpose micropipette that offers high accuracy and precise pipetting for great value. Micropipette Sets Compact Micropipette Set of commonly used adjustable volume pipette. 3 Microlit Lab Adjustable Micropipette (0.5-10ul, 10-100ul, 100-1000ul) Universal Tipcone - compatible with most internationally accepted tips Fully autoclavable at 121° C, 15psi. for 10 - 15 mins. Set of three adjustable-volume micropipettes (H-style), includes 100-1000 μl, 20-200 μl, and 2-20 μl. Fully adjustable Digital dial Tip ejector Ergonomic design Accurate and durable Accommodate standard micropipette tips Calibration tool included 3-month warranty.


Micropipette Principle

Regardless of the manufacturer, all the micropipettes work on the same principle. A plunger is pressed by thumb and as it is released, the liquid is drawn into the removable plastic tip. When the plunger is pressed again, the liquid is dispensed. This work is done by air displacement. Depressing the plunger moves the internal piston to two different positions. The first stop is for filling the micropipette tip while the second stop is for dispensing the content present in the tip. By pressing the plunger to first stop internal piston displaces the volume of air equal to the volume shown in the digital readout. Releasing the pressure causes the filling of liquid equal to the amount of air removed as shown on the digital readout.

3 types of micropipette

Micropipette tips are usually available in 3 colors that are white, yellow, and blue. A specific micropipette tip is used for measuring a specific volume of liquid. White Micropipette tips: White micropipette tips are used for P2, P10, and P20. They micropipette tips are further divided into micro white tips and medium white micropipette tips. Micro white tips are used for P2 and P10 size micropipette used for taking volume from 0.2 µ to 10 µ. Medium white micropipette tips are used for P20 micropipette measuring a volume range of 2 µ to 20 µ. Yellow Micropipette tips: Yellow micropipette tips are used for P100 and P200 micropipettes. These tips can be used to take a liquid volume from 20 µ to 100 µ. Blue Micropipette tips: Blue micropipette tips are used for P 1000 micropipettes. These tips are used to take a high liquid volume from 200 µ to 1000 µ. These are the micropipettes tips that can take in liquid volume even in milliliters.

Measured Volume

Measuring volume Measuring the length, area, or volume of one object requires comparing that to the same measure — length, area, or volume — of some other object, whose measure we already know (or agree on). We measure the length of by comparing that directly to a length (inch, mile, centimeter, light year) we already know. Volume is the quantification of the three-dimensional space a substance occupies. The SI unit for volume is the cubic meter, or m3. By convention, the volume of a container is typically its capacity, and how much fluid it is able to hold, rather than the amount of space that the actual container displaces. Graduated glass or plastic pipets used to measure and dispense specific volumes of liquids; liquids are dispensed from measuring or Mohr pipets between graduation marks, and stops before the pipet is completely empty.

FAQ Of Micropipette

How many types of micropipettes are there?

Micropipettes are of two types, the Fixed micropipettes, and the Variable Micropipettes. The Fixed micropipettes are designed to transfer the fixed amount of volume of the liquid.

What is adjustable micropipette?

It is easy to use, highly accurate and uses standard micropipette tips. The volume is easily selected by twisting the top. The lightweight design and tip ejector makes operation fast & easy.

Are micropipettes fixed or adjustable?

Unlike adjustable volume pipettes, fixed volume pipettes dispense the same quantity of liquid every time you dispense. The volume of a fixed volume micropipette cannot be changed, which allows the user to work at a faster pace without having to constantly change the volume setting on the side or top of the pipette.


Why are micropipettes so expensive?

These pipettes are expensive because the barrel and the tip are a unit and both are replaced when pipetting. A cheaper alternative is to use an air displacement pipette with barrier tips, but these only address some of the problems.

Why do we use micropipettes?

A micropipette is a common yet an essential laboratory instrument used to accurately and precisely transfer volumes of liquid in the microliter range.

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