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What Does Your Lab Do To The Used Pipette Tip Boxes?

Posted on May 13, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill 

Pipette Tip Rack and Packaging Recycling

With a high melting point, it's used to contain hot liquids and food, and many medicine bottles rely on PP. Rainin pipette tips and most of our pipette tip racks are made out of pure 100% virgin Polypropelene. Rainin hinged rack RT rack family All components are made of 100% recyclable Polypropylene (PP). Rainin - a proud member of the METTLER TOLEDO family of companies - is committed to minimizing the materials used in our products and packaging, while also reducing energy consumption and manufacturing waste. We encourage the conservation of natural resources, avoid the use of hazardous materials wherever possible and promote reuse and recycling throughout our operations. You can help keep your recycling from ending up in a landfill. Knowing the codes, you can separate components before transporting them to a local recycler for further processing.


What does your lab do to the used pipette tip boxes?

The pipette tip boxes are reusable. Our lab orders the tips in rack format (the plastic insert loaded with tips). UW Recycling encourages customers to purchase and recycle pipette tip boxes and trays through a vendor with its own recycling program (see below). If you are unable to recycle your pipette tip boxes and trays through the manufacturer, please dispose of your pipette tip boxes as mixed recycling and pipette tip trays as garbage. For the appropriate experiment/chemical, you can also label the used pipette tip and reuse it multiple times throughout the day. Green Laboratory Certification at the University of Washington seeks to: Help labs gauge how sustainably they are currently operating; Show labs specific ways they can operate more sustainably; Recognize labs for the good work they are already doing.

Can you reuse pipette tips?

Yes. Conical tubes and even pipette tips can be washed and/or autoclaved and reused. Pipette tip boxes can be repurposed to hold other lab supplies or as containers for Western blots. The ideal should be to discard pipette tips. However, one of the labs I worked used to reuse tips for non-critical application at least 3 times. They used to put them in soap for a couple of hours, then wash them abundantly with tap and distilled water, boil them for 2 minutes and dry them at 37C. Using a few extra pipette tips is always better than ruining an entire experiment with contamination. When in doubt, throw it out! Times it may be OK to reuse a tip: There are two times when I regularly reuse tips in the molecular biology lab.

Plastic Pipettes, Polypropylene Reusable Volumetric Pipettes

Plastic Pipettes, Polypropylene Reusable Volumetric Pipettes: These volumetric pipettes are made of translucent polypropylene plastic and are resistant to breakage. Each pipette features printed streak-resistant blue graduations, ring mark and inscriptions and are calibrated to deliver. These polypro volumetric pipettes are designed to measure a specific volume to high accuracy, and are ideal for fluoro and silicate chemistry, or other situations in which glass pipettes cannot be used. Recommended cleaning with mild alkaline detergent up to 60°C to preserve graduations and inscriptions. Note: Exposure to temperatures above 60°C may cause volume/tolerance changes. *Factory Ship Item, allow 3 to 5 days for shipment.

Reusable glass serological pipettes for cell culture?

You can reuse glass pipettes for cell culture work provided after single use you collect them in a bucket or any container that already contains detergent mixed in water. Keep them immersed for a few hours and then throughly wash them in water. Dry the washed glass pipettes in the oven and after complete dry put them in the canister with cotton plug at the top end of each glass pipette. Use fresh cotton plug each time. Each canister roughly holds about 10-15 pipettes. Send the canister containing the pipettes for autoclaving. After autoclaving keep the canister in the oven to dry as the canister may be wet from outside as well as inside. After complete drying you can open the canister in the biosafety cabinet for cell culture work.


FAQ of Pipette Tips

What are pipette tip boxes made of?

One of the largest volumes comes from the recycling of pipette tip boxes. Tip boxes are usually manufactured from high quality virgin polymer, and therefore, once granulated are suitable for re-use in a wide range of applications.

How do you get a terracycle box?

Where can I purchase a Zero Waste Box? You may purchase a Zero Waste Box directly through the Zero Waste Box website or from one of our retail partners. Visit each Zero Waste Box page to learn about purchasing opportunities.

Why is TerraCycle so expensive?

Back to TerraCycle's process: If the material can be recycled, the “sponsoring” company pays for pre-paid shipping labels so their customers can send packaging to TerraCycle, and pays TerraCycle the cost of processing the material. So it's an investment for the companies.


How do you pack pipette tips?

The least expensive way to buy pipet tips is without a rack of any kind. Just a bag of loose tips which can either be shipped in a plastic bag or in a box. Many university students get their first taste of true boredom when their P.I. assigns them the task of putting pipet tips from a bulk bag into empty racks.

What is a rack of pipette tips?

Nest Pipette Tips are ultra-clear and universal fit to most pipettes. Made from 100% polypropylene, low-retention plastic, these tips ensure accurate sample results during liquid handling. The Nest Pipette Tip line is packaged Rnase/Dnase, pyrogen free.

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