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What Is A Single Channel Micropipette?

Posted on May 18, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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Micropipette | Single Channel Laboratory Pipettes

Single Channel Pipettes, also called Micropipettes, are the single most common piece of lab equipment on the market. Single Channel Variable Volume Micropipette is a High Precision Micropipette that is designed with ergonomics in mind. It facilitates remarkable user experience and impeccable accuracy in practical laboratory environments. The product is highly recommended for Molecular biology, Microbiology, Immunology, cell culture, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Genetics etc. 1ml pipette is our most popular micropipette model followed by the 200ul pipette. Variable Volume: Lightweight variable volume pipettes for accurate and precise sampling and dispensing of liquids.

Single Channel Pipettes | Thermo Fisher Scientific

The leader in pipetting technology —From the first variable volume micropipette to the first to offer an interlock Thermo Scientific™ ClipTip™ interface—Thermo Scientific manual pipetting systems deliver unparalleled ergonomics, dependability and quality for consistent and reproducible results. Electronic Single Channel Pipettes: Powered single-channel laboratory devices used with disposable pipette tips to transfer a measured amount of liquid; typically pre-programmed and may be programmable; includes positive-displacement and repeating pipettes.


Everything you need to know about single channel options

As we have reviewed in these two articles, there are many different pipette options ranging from single channel to many channels. By going through some basic questions, you can gain the information you need to make the best decision for your lab. A single channel pipette may be the right choice if your source and destination containers are small, such as twist-top, flip-cap, or conical tubes. However, because single channel pipettes are typically compact in size, they are versatile and can also be used with troughs, or 96-/384-well plates.

Variable Volume Single Channel Pipettes

Variable Volume Pipettes Hach Hach's variable volume single-channel, air-displacement pipets feature robust design, comfortable ergonomics, slim-line tip ejection, and single-handed operation. Outstanding accuracy with adjustments in 50 µL increments (0.05 mL). Ideal for use with HACH TNTplus reagents. Sartorius Proline™ Plus Single-Channel Mechanical Pipetter combines durable construction with ease of use, plus the widest range of pipettes for various users and applications. Available with volume ranges from 0.1µL to 10mL. Pricing and Availability. VistaLab™ Technologies Ergo-Fit™ Pipette.

Multi Channel Micropipette

Multichannel Micropipette, 12 Channel United Scientific Supplies Our Multichannel Micropipettes are recommended for a wide variety of applications such as ELISA, molecular screening, kinetic studies, and DNA Amplifications. Our Variable Volume Micropipettes feature built-in tip ejectors and autoclavable tip cones. Multichannel Micropipettes: Multi-channel (8 and 12 channel) Multi-channel 8 and 12 channel micropipettes Lightweight variable volume multichannel micropipette for accurate and precise sampling and dispensing of liquids. Universal Tipcone - compatible with internationally accepted tips. Works best with Microlit Pipette Tips.

FAQ Of Micropipette

What is a single channel micropipette?

Pipettes enable sterile and accurate liquid handling and are commonly used within molecular biology, analytic chemistry and medical tests. Single channel pipettes typically dispense between 0 to 2500 ul volumes, and are available in two formats: adjustable or fixed volume.

What is a multi channel micropipette?

A multichannel pipette is an electronic device used in science labs to accurately measure and fill numerous vials of liquid at once. There are many different sizes and styles of multichannel pipettes, but they all serve a similar purpose: namely, to make pipetting easier, more efficient, and more accurate.

What is multichannel pipetting?

Multichannel pipettes generally come with either 8 or 12 pipette heads, easily allowing for a single device to fill multiple wells at a single time. This enables the user to quickly and easily fill multi-well plates used in tissue culture, drug screening, or enzyme assays.


How do I know which micropipette to use?

As a rule of thumb, always choose the smallest pipette capable of handling the required volume. This is important because accuracy decreases when the set volume is close to the pipette's minimum capacity. For example, if you dispense 50 µl using a 5,000 µl pipette, you will get rather poor results.

What are the different types of micropipettes?

Micropipettes can be mainly categorized into two types – Air Displacement Micropipettes and Positive Displacement Micropipettes. You can choose the right one by matching their applications to the experiment you wish to perform.

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