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What Is A Universal Pipette Tip?

Posted on March 31, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
 Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill  
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Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill 

Pipette Tips from Globe Scientific

Globe Scientific offers pipette tips designed to fit a wide variety of pipettors. Packaged in bulk, or in convenient autoclavable racks, each tip is designed to meet or exceed the pipettor manufacturers' specifications. Made from prime virgin polypropylene, these tips provide the high accuracy and reproducibility needed for effective laboratory testing. All tips are graduated for accurate measurements. Universal fit design provides an airtight fit on most brands of pipettors. Available in bags, racks and reloading stacks. Standard, low retention and low retention filter tips available.


Universal Pipette Tips

Universal pipette tips are disposable and designed to fit multichannel and single pipettes from many manufacturers. Universal Pipette Tips have an innovative tip design for adaptability and compatibility with a wide range of pipettes from different manufacturers. They are also designed to have a very low force requirement for tip loading and tip ejection with pipettes. Oxford Lab Products Universal Pipette Tips: Oxford Lab Products Universal Pipette Tips are certified free from DNase, RNase, Human DNA, Pyrogens and PCR inhibitors. Therefore, they are ideally suited to highly sensitive PCR work. They are also free from lubricants and heavy metals.Related Products: Universal Tips.


Universal, Sterile, and Rainin Style Pipette Tips

We offer universal, dispenser, Rainin LTS-type, and specialty tips for the proper fit - with non-sterile and sterile tip options available. Our universal pipette tips are designed to fit various single and multichannel pipettes. You'll also find filtered pipette tips engineered to prevent aerosol contamination during precise dispensing. Wide selection of pipette tips such as Rainin, sterile pipette tips, filtered pipette tips, & micropipette tips. Contact us today for more information on our lab pipette tips. Universal, Sterile, and Rainin Style Pipette Tips. The sterile or non-sterile pipet tips draw and dispense specific volumes by releasing the partial vacuum. Manufactured with different resistance levels, the devices can accommodate even corrosive or viscous materials. Options incorporating filters will block aerosol contaminants to protect both the equipment and sample.

Corning® Universal Fit 200 µL and 1000 µL Pipet Tips

Corning universal fit tips are designed to provide a reliable fit with most major brand pipettors. (A Pipet Tip Compatibility Guide can be requested or downloaded from the Corning website). Beveled orifice helps ensure accurate fluid delivery. 1-200 µL universal fit tips are graduated at the 250 µL, 500 µL, and 1,000 µL volumes. Corning® Universal Fit 200 µL and 1000 µL Pipet Tips E-mail Print Quality Certificate Corning DeckWorks bulk pipet tips are compatible with DeckWorks racks and packaged in resalable polyethylene bags. Tip sizes include 10 µL, 200 µL, and 1000 µL and offer ­maximum savings. Choose your specification Color Natural Yellow Volume Range 0.1 - 10 µL.


Universal Fit Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips NEST Scientific USA Nest Pipette Tips are ultra-clear and universal fit to most pipettes. Made from 100% polypropylene, low-retention plastic, these tips ensure accurate sample results during liquid handling. The Nest Pipette Tip line is packaged Rnase/Dnase, pyrogen free. Universal Tips are designed to fit a wide variety of single and multi-channel pipettors, compatible with most popular brands of pipettors. These polypropylene tips are nonpyrogenic and certified to be RNase-/DNase-free. They are available in Maxymum Recovery, bevelled, Eppendorf-style, nonsterile. Related Products: Multichannel Pipette Eppendorf.


FAQ of Pipette Tips

What is a universal pipette tip?

Universal pipette tips are disposable and designed to fit multichannel and single pipettes from many manufacturers. Compared to pipette specific tips, universal pipette tips offer high levels of performance and offer versatile uses with many pipette models.


Are all pipette tips the same size?

Universal tips are designed to fit securely and tightly around all pipette barrels, which vary slightly in diameter from manufacturer to manufacturer. But of course, all universal tips are not made equal, so you must carefully examine the choices.

What are low retention tips?

Low retention tips, also called low binding tips, are pipette tips that have been modified to reduce the adhesion of DNA, enzymes, proteins, cells, as well as other viscous materials to the tip surface.


When should you use a low retention pipette?

Therefore, low retention tips are ideal when pipetting highly concentrated, and consequently viscous, samples during: PCR, cloning, sequencing or other DNA and RNA applications.


Why are wide bore tips used?

Therefore, you should use wide bore tips when transferring cellular samples, such as fragile cell lines, or other viscous materials. The wider orifice of these tips prevents (cell) shearing and reduces flow resistance.

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