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What is Eppendorf Pipette?

Posted on May 13, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill 

Lab Pipette Tips - Eppendorf

epT.I.P.S. ® - Pipette Tips: epT.I.P.S. pipette tips work in perfect harmony with your Eppendorf pipettes! The ergonomically designed cone geometry allows for complete sealing as well as minimal attachment and ejection forces. These pipette tips meet EN ISO 8655 requirements and can also be used with pipettes from other manufacturers. Eppendorf Tips are soft and flexible, and yet also extremely durable. These specially crafted tips fit perfectly not only on Eppendorf pipettes, but they sit comfortably on almost any pipette. The universal fit provides you with the utmost convenience and ease. Also for your satisfaction, Eppendorf Tips are designed to reduce force when attaching and ejecting tips from the pipette. This will ensure the complete seal of the tip, providing accurate and efficient pipetting for you.

5 Ml Pipette Tips Eppendorf

The Eppendorf Combitips have been completely redesigned and optimized to meet the increased requirements of a modern laboratory to a greater extent than ever before. The result is the Combitips advanced. The 9 volume sizes (0.1 mL–50 mL) offer a maximum range of dispensing volumes with increments as low as 100 nanoliters depending on the Combitip used. Elongated Combitips in volumes 2.5 mL, 5.0 mL and 10 mL make it possible to reach the bottom of the most common laboratory vessels. The unique funnel geometry ensures comfortable handling while preventing damage to gloves. Combitips advanced are offered in 5 different purity grades to support a range of applications.


Eppendorf Pipette Tips 200ul

200ul Eppendorf Pipette tips is straight, without bending, and has extremely high quality and precision. PP material, autoclavable. Size include 10ul,200ul,300ul,1000ul and 5000ul. Various color optional easy to identify. Could be no DNA/RNA/DNSE/RNASE and enzyme pollution. Sterile(Gamma Sterile) and non-sterile are avaliable. The epTIPS - Totally Integrated Pipetting System - have been perfectly matched to Eppendorf Pipettes. This results in consistently reduced tip attachment and ejection forces, while ensuring complete sealing. 200 µl, 300 µl and 1,000 µl.

Eppendorf Pipette Tips 50-1000 Ul

Eppendorf™ epTIPS™ Filter Tips: Ideal for small volume pipetting. Drop contour design with filter; Finely tapered and extended; Fine graduations make it easy to check volume; Soft, flexible tip cone provides better seal to pipetter; Integrated filter of hydrophobic polyethylene; No self-sealing additives; Sample can be easily recovered if wet.

Eppendorf Pipette Tips Catalogue

Eppendorf Combitips are revolutionizing the laboratory work space in conjunction with the Repeater pipettes. Designed to operate through positive displacement pipetting, the Eppendorf Combitip will dispense and aspirate the correct amount each and every time. Eppendorf Dual Filter tips contain a two-phase filter that protects your pipettes from contamination. Designed with flexible, hydrophobic material that fits perfectly onto the cone tip, these dual filter tips will retain nearly all aerosols and biomolecules. Ideal for pipetting detergents or liquids with high surface tension, the Eppendorf Low Retention pipette tips prevent liquid from sticking to the pipette tip wall. Eppendorf has an amazing line of Positive Displacement pipette tips that are ideal for contamination free pipetting. Designed for the most accurate measurement and pipetting of liquids with high vapor pressure or viscosity.

FAQ of Pipette Tips

How often should Eppendorf pipettes be calibrated?

Once a year. The renewal of conformity is recommended at least once a year. What is a renewal of conformity? The calibration / renewal of conformity consists of a pipette maintenance and an As-Left calibration strictly adhering to ISO 8655 criteria, ensuring that the pipette meets conformity to ISO 8655 requirements.

What is Z factor in pipette calibration?

The calibration of pipette is carried out by gravimetric method. When determining the volume of water, the accuracy of measurements is effected by ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity. These factors are usually combined to give the Z factor, used in calculation of volume of water.

How do you know if a pipette is calibrated?

The most common way to check your pipette accuracy is by weighing water. The density of water is 1 g/mL. This means that every microliter (µL) should weigh 0.001 g. In other words, if your pipette is accurate, the amount of water you dispense will equal the amount the water weighs.

How accurate are Eppendorf pipettes?

At 1 000 m above sea level, the volume error of a 100 μL pipette is about –0.3%. When using special tips, that is, tips that significantly differ from standard tips in their geometry, changing the adjustment can improve the dispensing accuracy (systematic error).


What is Eppendorf research plus?

The Eppendorf Research plus combines over 50 years of innovation in liquid handling and is one of the most commonly used pipettes in the world. … The Research plus is the pipette family with the lowest weight and lowest operation forces in the Eppendorf product families.

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