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What Is P200 Micropipette?

Posted on May 18, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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P200 Pipette, Single Channel, 20-200µl

A P200 variable volume pipette for 20-200µl adjusted with a Click - Stop digital system for volume setting. Pipettes are color coded for easy identification. Micropipette is calibrated as per the standard of EN ISO 8655 for ensured accuracy & precision andcalibration report is supplied. G-Biosciences P200 Pipette, Single Channel, 20-200µl Manufacturer: G-Biosciences BT1506 This product has been made available for purchase due to recent demand, however information about the product is limited. Please contact customer service with any questions. Hand-Friendly Traditional Pipette Highest Durability Fewest out-of-tolerance errors. Rugged construction, stainless steel and quality PVDF for durability and easy maintenance. Lower Plunger Forces 25% less force required compared to similar traditional pipettes, thanks to lighter springs.

Pipetman Classic P200 Pipette from Gilson

The PIPETMAN Classic line is available in eight single channel models covering a range of volumes from 0.2µL to 10 mL. Built to Last Made of highly resistant materials like PVDF and stainless steel, PIPETMAN Classic offers uncontested durability and reliability. Built-to-last, it is the economical solution for years of pipetting. Easily use the Instant Quote tool above and get the quote for Gilson Pipetman Classic P200 within 30 seconds! How accurate is the Gilson Pipetman Classic P200 against other manual single channel variable volume pipettes? Dispense and transport liquids with confidence using the Gilson Pipetman Classic P200 as it comes with 0.8/1.60 accuracy. The PIPETMAN Classic line, the world standard in pipetting, offers a wide range of continuously adjustable air-displacement pipettes suited for aqueous solutions of moderate viscosity and density.


P200 pipette (50 to 200 µl)

P200 micropipette (50 to 200 µl) Ref. 005531 Fully adjustable, air-displacement pipette with selected volume shown on indicator (volumeter) Packaging and sales unit 1 Favorites Contact Quotation Overview Continuously variable volume air displacement pipette with a direct volume meter. The Gilson Pipetman Classic P200, 50-200 uL Pipette decreases cross contamination and is resistant to aggressive chemicals. The Gilson P200 Pipette Classic Large Plunger is a variable volume air displacement pipette for dispensing volumes between 50µl and 200 µl with precision accuracy and ease. Ideal for small-volume dispensing of aqueous fluids of moderate viscosity and density within immunology, molecular biology, etc. applications.

Measuring Up: Micropipette Basics

• Basic parts of micropipette • What volumes are measured with P20, P200 and P1000 micopipettors F. Measuring and transferring a volume of liquid Before measuring and transferring liquid: • Choose the appropriate size micropipettor solution is drawn up slowly into the tip. Do not release the plunger too quickly. Basic parts of a micropipette include plunger button, tip ejector button, volume adjustment dial, volume display, tip ejector, and shaft. They differ in design, weight, plunger force, and overall precision. Depending on your budget and preference, there are plenty of micropipettes in the market that specifically catered to meet your needs.

How to Use a Micropipettor

Set the micropipette to the volume needed by turning the plunger. Be aware of the volume range for the micropipette you are using (i.e., 100µl – 1000µl); the volume in the volume window should never be below the lowest number or higher than the highest number because the micropipette will break. Hold the micropipette in the hand that you write with with your thumb on the plunger. Micropipettes should always be held vertically. You will need to use a micropipette tip on the end of your micropipette. Micropipette tips should not be touched even with gloves on to prevent contamination. Open your micropipette tip box lid without touching the micropipette tips inside the box. Holding your micropipette vertically, choose a micropipette tip and GENTLY press the micropipette down into the micropipette tip. There will be a space between the micropipette and the micropipette tip. Close the lid to the micropipette tip box to prevent contamination of the unused micropipette tips.

FAQ Of Micropipette

Which pipette would you use to measure out 200 µl?

P200 micropipette. Let's look at a common P200 micropipette. This micropipette will measure between 20 and 200 microliters, abbreviated as μL.

What is P200 micropipette?

P200: Maximum volume 200 µl. Accurate between 20 µl and 200 µl. Numbers on the micropipette (one color) are read as XXX µl. P1000: Maximum volume 1000 µl (= 1 ml). Accurate between 200 µl and 1000 µl.

What is the minimum volume you should use a P200 micropipette for?

P200 would mean that the pipette can carry a maximum of 200 microliters of any given solution; according to standard protocol, the minimum volume that one can pipette using a P200 pipettor is 20 microliters. Hence, a standardized P200 would accurately pipette a solution between the range of 20 to 200 microliters.

How do you set up a P200 micropipette?

Using your P200 micropipette, you want to obtain 150 μL of water. Set the black volume dial to 150 μL so it reads 150 from the top down. Attach a tip, press to the first stop, insert the tip into the water, and slowly release the plunger. Place the tip over or gently touching the clean container on the digital scale.


What is the principle of micropipette?

The air displacement micropipettes work on the common air displacement principle. A plunger is depressed by the thumb and as it is released, liquid is drawn into a disposable tip. When the plunger is pressed again, the liquid is dispensed.

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