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What Makes A Pipet Tip Universal?

Posted on March 31, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill 

How do you know that a pipet tip that is "universal" will fit on your pipettor? Some pipet tips cost three to four times as much as another. Does the old adage "you get what you pay for" apply? We will begin to explore the answers to these questions in this first in a series of publications. In this article, we will focus on the differences in the design and fit. The incorporation of additional capabilities like FlexFit technology makes universal pipette tips flexible at their proximal end. This makes them suitable for use with a wider range of pipettes while delivering accuracy. One thing you will note is the inside diameter of 0.213 inches (5.41 millimeters.) Within very tight tolerances, this is the same diameter for every tip pictured in Figure 1. Although we have no way of accurately measuring the taper, suffice to say that these tips have tapers that are similar enough that they fit perfectly on a variety of pipettor brands that advertise accepting universal tips.


uTIP Universal Pipette Tips

The flexible proximal end reduces the amount of force needed to attach and eject a tip, reducing the risk of repetitive stress injuries (RSI). Low retention X-Resin is our proprietary resin that is proven to reduce sample retention resulting in improved accuracy. Optimal surface area blade technology lowers the chance of hanging droplet formation by optimizing surface area at the distal end of the tip saving you time with each draw while improving precision. Biotix™ uTIP™ Filter Pipette Tips for Universal Pipettes, Standard: Designed with Flexfit™ to lower necessary insertion and ejection force by ≈70% to make secure seal. Biotix™ uTIP™ Filter Pipette Tips for Universal Pipettes are manufactured with low retention X-Resin™ giving tighter CV values.


Universal Pipette Tips

Universal Pipette Tips have an innovative tip design for adaptability and compatibility with a wide range of pipettes from different manufacturers. They are also designed to have a very low force requirement for tip loading and tip ejection with pipettes. Oxford Lab Products Universal Pipette Tips: These Universal Pipette Tips have a profile and dimensions that have been precisely engineered to ensure that the dispensed liquid volume is predictable, precise and repeatable for each and every tip. There are graduation marks on all tips that act as visual markers to minimize any risk of errors during sample aspiration.

1-200uL Universal Pipette Tips

Globe offers this selection of 1-200uL universal fit pipette tips. Styles include this Certified line of tips that are free from human DNA, RNase, DNase, pyrogens and PCR inhibitors. The tips are available non-sterile in self-standing bags, sterile or non-sterile in racks, and non-sterile in reloading stacks. These 1-200uL yellow pipette tips are designed for use with a wide variety of pipettor. Made from virgin polypropylene, these tips provide the high accuracy and reproducibility needed for effective laboratory testing Packaged in bulk or in convenient racks, each tip is designed to meet or exceed the pipettor manufacturers' specifications.


200 ul universal pipet tips

200uL Pipette Tips, Universal Tips: Compatible with most pipette brands, including those from Dlab, Rainin, Gilson, Eppendorf, Sartorius (BioHit), Thermo (Finn) and VWR pipettes, the 200 uL universal pipette filter tips are made from 100% virgin polypropylene in a fully automated, Class 100,000 cleanroom facility. The 200uL universal pipette filtered tips provide excellent clarity and flexibility for accurate touch pipetting, we guarantee absolute purity without the use of any additives or dyes, and we follow manufacturing procedures in accordance with ISO 9001 standards to eliminate all external sources of contamination. 200ul Pipette Tips, Low Retention, Universal Fit, Racked, Sterile, 96 Rack, 50 Racks/Case is available to buy in increments of 1 Details Labware Essential Pipet Tips by Southern Labware are ultra-clear and universal fit to most pipettes including the Gilson® PipetMan, Rainin® and MLA Pipettes.


FAQ of Pipette Tips

Are all pipette tips the same size?

Universal tips are designed to fit securely and tightly around all pipette barrels, which vary slightly in diameter from manufacturer to manufacturer. But of course, all universal tips are not made equal, so you must carefully examine the choices.


Do universal tips fit Eppendorf pipettes?

Superior Quality and Performance. Rainin universal-fit tips provide outstanding performance for non-LTS Rainin pipettes and most other pipette brands, including Gilson, Eppendorf, Sartorious (BioHit), Thermo (Finn) and VWR.

What are sterile pipette tips?

Sterile pipette tips are free from living organisms. Microbial contamination can lead to costly delays due to failed or erroneous results and laborious troubleshooting. Contamination can be a result of laboratory practices and environment, or contaminated liquid media and consumables such as disposable pipette tips.


How much volume is in a pipette?

Typical volumes are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50 and 100 mL. Volumetric pipettes are commonly used in analytical chemistry to make laboratory solutions from a base stock as well as to prepare solutions for titration.


What is the importance of blowing out the final volume on your pipette tip?

This blow-out volume is important when trying to completely empty the pipette tip. Some liquid tends to linger in the tip and the blow-out volume provides an extra dispense to ensure the tip is fully emptied.

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