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What Might Happen If You Hold the Pipette Horizontally With Liquid in the Tip?

Posted on April 1, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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When using a pipette, it is very important to use the tip to draw the liquid into the tube. In some cases, researchers may notice that the liquid is partially blocked in the tip, which causes the dispensed volume to be lower. To prevent this, it is recommended to rinse the tips before each use. This will condition the inside of the tip.

Another important consideration is the depth of the tip. The deeper the tip, the deeper the liquid that is being dispensed. If you hold the pipette horizontally, the liquid will remain in the tip, which can lead to excessive aspiration of the sample. Similarly, if the tip is too deep, extra liquid will be drawn into the pipette, resulting in overdelivery of the sample.

It is also important to note that the tip should never be pushed too far into the liquid. This will result in excessive aspiration of the liquid and contamination of the sample. If you hold the pipette horizontally, the tip can roll into the barrel due to increased hydrostatic pressure. Consequently, the risk of overdelivery of the sample is increased.

Despite the risks of overdelivery, deep tips can cause problems. This is because the depth of the tip increases the hydrostatic pressure and may force the liquid back into the pipette barrel. The result is excess liquid aspiration. Further, deep tips increase the risk of carrying over liquid droplets due to the risk of carryover. This is a consequence of overcontacting the tip with the liquid.

Using a pipette that has a deep tip is a bad practice. The liquid will not properly disperse because it will be pushed back into the container. The extra long pipette tips will get coated and dispense the liquid. The result is that the sample will not be accurate. Often, this will lead to overdelivery of the sample.

To avoid overdelivery, you must first prepare the liquid that you are going to use. A pipette with a deep tip is not as accurate. The tip is more likely to overdeliver a liquid when it is held horizontally. This results in overdelivery of the sample. You can avoid this problem by preparing the liquid for aspiration at the correct time.

Before pipetting, you should make sure that you have a sterile tip that contains no traces of bacteria. It is also important that the tip is deep enough to avoid the overdelivery of the sample. A deep tip increases the risk of overdelivery of the sample by increasing hydrostatic pressure. When the liquid is too deep, the surface area of the tip is over-contacted, causing the sample to be over-dispensed.

A pipette with a deep tip can still cause problems if you are not careful. It can roll in the tip and make the tip contaminated. A deep tip can cause excessive liquid aspiration and the pipette may end up overdelivering the sample. This can also lead to a contaminated sample. So, be sure to use a proper storage method for your pipette.

While a deep tip is not as harmful as a deep tip, it can still lead to issues. A deep tip can cause extra liquid aspiration, while a deep tip increases the risk of overdelivery. Further, a deeper tip increases the chances of the pipette overcontacting the tip. This is why it is recommended that you store the pipette vertically.

When you are holding the pipette horizontally, it can cause the tip to become unusable. This can lead to air bubbles, which can cause the sample to be wasted. If you hold the pipette horizontally, it is important to ensure that the liquid remains contained in the tip. Unless you are holding the pipette at a slight angle, the liquid can leak through the tips and cause aspiration.

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