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What Pipette Tips Fit an Gilson P10 Pipette

Posted on April 21, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill 

If you want to buy the most accurate and reproducible tip for your Gilson Pipette, you should consider the universal fit pipes. The following tips are suitable for the Gilson P10, X10, and Y10 pipette models. These universal fittings offer excellent precision and repeatability. The following table lists the types of pipette tips that can be used with this instrument.

PIPETMAN Classic Line: This line of air-displacement pipettes offers a complete range of single-channel and multichannel models. The volume ranges from 0.2 uL to 10 mL. These piping tools meet ISO recommendations and can be used with many different pipette tips. Additionally, they are fully autoclavable, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. This line of air-displacement pipettes is the gold standard in pipetting. It features an extensive line of continuously adjustable air-displacement pipettes. These models range from 0.2 uL to 10 mL. They meet or exceed ISO recommendations and are compatible with the PIPETMAN DIAMOND Tips. The PIPETMAN Classic Series pipestes are a reliable choice for laboratories worldwide.

PIPETMAN tips is the gold standard for air-displacement pipettes. This line features eight single-channel models that have volumes ranging from 0.2 uL to 10 mL. All pipettes in the PIPETMAN Classic line are certified to be free of detectable RNase or DNase, which ensures the safety of the contents of your samples.

The PIPETMAN Classic line is the world standard in air-displacement pipettes. The PIPETMAN P10 has eight single-channel models and is compatible with the popular TipOne (r) Tips. The PIPETMAN Classic features an autoclavable piston and tip ejector to minimize cross-contamination. This pipette is a perfect choice for many labs.

The PIPETMAN Classic series of air-displacement pipettes has become the gold standard in the pipetting industry. The PIPETMAN Classic features eight single channel models and is ideal for laboratories that need to use a wide range of liquids. The models are all fully autoclavable and feature autoclavable pistons and tip ejectors. They are the top choice in the market.

The PIPETMAN Classic series is the world standard in air-displacement pipettes. Its single-channel model offers eight models with air-displacement volumes of 0.2 to 10 mL. The PIPETMAN P10 is highly resistant to aggressive chemicals, and it is fully autoclavable, which minimizes cross-contamination.

The PIPETMAN Classic line of air-displacement pipettes is the gold standard of the pipetting industry. It provides a wide range of single channel, continuously adjustable air-displacement pipettes with capacities from 0.2 uL to 10 mL. They are also certified free of DNase and RNase and are the best choice for laboratories.

TipOne tips provide exceptional accuracy and fit. These tips are 100% autoclavable and designed to minimize waste. The PIPETMAN Classic line of air-displacement pipettes has been in use for over ten years in laboratories. The tip holder and ejector are fully autoclavable, making it easy to minimize cross-contamination.

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