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What to Do If There is Air Bubbles in the Pipette Tip

Posted on March 18, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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If there are air bubbles in the pipette, it is important to avoid releasing the plunger too quickly, as this can cause the liquid to be ejected in the form of air bubbles. You should also avoid letting go of the plunger suddenly, as this can cause air bubbles in the pipette to be drawn in and affect the results of the experiment.

When using a pipette, you should ensure that the tip is not touching the side of the container. This could result in wicking and loss of volume. Moreover, the tip should be properly fitted onto the pipette. The pre-wetting step will increase the humidity in the tip, and reduce the evaporation. However, if the immersion is too high, the extra droplets may stick on the tip, which could lead to inaccurate results.

To avoid air bubbles in the pipette, use a sanitary solution. This will prevent air from penetrating the solution. It will also keep the tip clean, which will prevent it from dripping. In addition, you can try using an alternative brand of the tip, if it is tested and proved to work with the pipette.

Make sure to use a sterile pipette with a pre-wetting solution. This will ensure that you do not have any bubbles in the tip. Besides, a pre-wet pipette tip will prevent the tip from evaporating, thereby ensuring that it remains clean. If you have a contaminated pipette, do not hesitate to throw it away and purchase a new one.

The tip should be used with sterile solution. If the tip does not work properly, it will not deliver the correct concentration of the sample. Therefore, it is imperative to use sterile water. This will prevent the formation of gas bubbles in the pipette tip. Furthermore, it will prevent the accumulation of bacteria and other harmful chemicals. The stench in the pipette tip can lead to an inaccurate reading.

The best way to prevent air bubbles in the pipette is to use a sterile pipette aid. This will ensure that the tip remains dry after the sample is transferred. Using sterile liquids while performing a micropipette can help avoid the formation of large amounts of air bubbles in the tip. In case of an air bubble, a sterile solution may be added to the pipette tip.

Aside from the pipette tip, other factors that can affect the accuracy of your sample include the temperature, the volume and the density of the sample. The temperature and altitude can affect the precision of the sample delivery. Always ensure that you use sterile liquids and avoid introducing heat into the tube. It is essential to avoid the formation of air bubbles in the pipette to ensure the highest accuracy possible.

It is advisable to pre-wet the tip of the pipette with pipette aid before starting cell culture. This will prevent the formation of air bubbles in the pipette and prevent them from contaminating the working surface. If there are a few air bubbles in the pipette, it is necessary to repeat the entire process.

If there are air bubbles in the pipette, you must first replace it with a new one that is sterile. A new tip will hold the liquid correctly. Using the old one will not produce any results. When you have the same error, the tip will be contaminated. The best solution is to replace the tip with a new one that is sterilised.

Besides cleaning, you should always make sure that the tip is well-wettened before using it. The right tip will eliminate the air bubbles in the pipette and improve the accuracy of the experiments. In addition, it will also help to avoid the occurrence of the "bang" sound. By following these simple steps, you will be able to ensure that the pipette is clean and air bubble free.

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