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When Aspirating a Solution Why is it Important to Actually See the Solution Enter the Pipette Tip

Posted on April 25, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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When aspirating a solution, it is important to observe the liquid entering the tip of the pipette. This is especially true when aspirating solutions that foam easily. It is also important to hold the pipette in the upright position, so that the tip remains submerged in the liquid. This step ensures that the tip of the micropipette remains immersed in the liquid throughout the process.


When aspirating a solution, it is important to see the solution enter the pipette tip. The liquid may cling to the tip of the micropipette because of water tension. If you are not able to see the solution enter the pipette, you may wick out the sample. This method can cause a significant error in the measurement. The volume of the aspirated solution will vary depending on how many times you squeeze the tip. If you are aspirating a corrosive solution, you should use a positive displacement pipette. When measuring volume, you should also choose the correct size of pipette. For example, a 125-uL micropipette is not appropriate for measuring 125 uL. You should instead use a 200uL pipette tip. All of these measurements should be made with precision, and they should be consistent.

The solution will be at least partly visible, but the tip may not be completely clear. The pipette tip must be angled to aspirate the solution accurately. It must be held vertically to avoid leaking. It should also be at an angle, not horizontally.

The best way to ensure that the sample enters the tip is to press the plunger to a stop that is not visible in the tip. This will allow the sample to be fully dispersed and is more accurate. The pipette's volume setting window should be positioned in the upper-right corner of the receptacle, which will make it easier to observe the sample. The tip must be placed in the receptacle so that the solution can be fully aspirated. The tip must be held firmly in the receptacle, not touching it. If the solution is in a container that cannot be easily removed, it is best to use a micropipette with a removable cap.

When aspirating a solution, it is also important to see the sample enter the pipette tip. The liquid will be gathered to a certain extent if the tip is clean and the volume setting window is large enough. It is also necessary to see the solution exiting the pipette tip before it enters the receptacle.

When aspirating a solution, the tip of the micropipette should be placed in a sterile container. The tip should be inserted into the liquid solution first, then slowly lifted out of the receptacle. When the tip is lifted out of the receptacle, it should be wiped clean with the liquid that it contains. Then, the sample should be re-inserted in the tube.

In addition to aspirating the solution, it is also important to make sure the pipette is clean. When aspirating a solution, it is important to see the liquid enter the tip. The solution will be dispensing from the tip to the wall of the tube. However, a leaky tip can result in inaccurate measurements. Whether or not a pipette is clean or not is irrelevant.

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