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Why Do You Dispose of The Pipette Tips Every Time You Use One?

Posted on March 30, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
 Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill  
tip loader for pipette tip rack loader
For Laboratory use
Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill 

Pipette Tip Disposal Bin (GAMMA Protection)

Gamma (g) rays are produced when an unstable isotope enters into nuclear decay. This form of electromagnetic radiation is attenuated by lead. The gamma rays intensity decrease exponentially as the thickness of the lead increases. These disposal boxes are made with 3mm lead for all of your (g) protection items. The enclosed boxes are perfect for short term storage of isotopes and contaminated labware. They are lined with polyethylene and the exterior is made of a black acrylic. They have non-skid feet. The gamma rays intensity increases exponentially as the thickness of the lead increases. The recommended thickness of lead for use with 125I is 0.5 mm. We use 3 mm lead for all of our g protection products. Other isotopes shielded by our products include 32P, 51CR, 35S, 33P, 3H, and 14C.


Pipette and Pipette Tip Disposal Policy

Do not triple rinse or otherwise attempt to decontaminate pipette and pipette tipscontaminated with the chemicals listed above.Collect any residual or excess chemicals from used pipettes or pipette tips as chemical waste. Do not add free liquids or pipettes with liquids into a sharps containers. Please review the policies and guidelines available on the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Researchwebsitefor pipettes or pipette tips contaminated with DEA Controlled Substances. Contact EH&S for additional questions related to DEA Controlled Substances. Pipettes and pipette tips must be stored in a rigid, sealable, puncture proof container. Do not use red containers for chemicallycontaminated pipettes and pipette tips. Redcontainers are reserved for biological waste only. All containers must haveappropriate labeling and information.



The Pipette Tip Disposal Box′s quick flip of port cover makes tip ejection easy. It is convenient for one-handed disposal of used pipette tips and eliminates any need to handle pipette tips used with hazardous. Ward's Pipette Tip Disposal Box. The ward's pipette tip disposal box is convenient for one-handed disposal of used pipette tips, and eliminates any need to handle pipette tips used with hazardous fluids. Biohazard disposal bags can be used in conjunction with this box if hazardous fluids are not acrylic friendly. Convenient for one-handed disposal of used pipette tips. Eliminates any need to handle pipette tips used with hazardous fluids. Flip open port cover to eject pipette tips into the container and close off as needed. The large, hinged lid allows easy removal of contents. Measures 6" x 6" x 6".

Pipette Tip Disposal Bucket

Pipette Tip Disposal Bucket is a functional tool for your lab bench designed specifically to collect used pipette tips during your experiments. The colorful, graffiti themed shield prevents the overshooting of a pipette tip during ejection and guides the tip into the receptacle below. Pipette washers or 5-gallon buckets may be lined with two autoclaveable biohazard bags and used for pipette segregation. gilson-tips Pipette tip boxes and trays. Holders and replacement trays for disposable pipette tips; designed and packaged to facilitate the reuse of pipette tip boxes to reduce the overall amount of plastic waste.


Pipet Tip Disposal Box at Thomas Scientific

Pipette Tip Disposal Box: Heathrow Scientific: port cover makes tip ejection easy Eliminates any need to handle pipet tips used with hazardous fluids. Convenient for one-handed disposal of used pipet tips. The 3/8" (10 mm) thick acrylic provides protection from Beta radiation. The large, hinged lid allows easy disposal of contents.

VWR Pipet Tip Disposal Box Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor Box features a flip-top port cover for convenient one-handed disposal of used pipet tips. Thick acrylic construction Protects against beta radiation Large, hinged lid Easy disposal of used pipet tips Eliminates any need to handle pipet tips used with hazardous fluids.

FAQ of Pipette Tips

How do I clean a pipette for used in titration?

First with distilled water by drawing up distilled water, beyond the mark and discarding the rinse. Second by drawing up the reagent that the pipette is used to measure to about the halfway mark, then hold the pipette horizontally and twirl the pipette a few times to ensure that the walls of the pipette are all coated with the solution, including the upper portion beyond the mark, before discarding the solution. And the pipette is rinsed and ready for use. Of course, if minimising wastage of the reagent is not a concern, then it can be done very simply by drawing the reagent through the pipette three four times before use.


How can someone clean epoxy resin out of pipettes?

If it’s just the liquid resin, not hardened, flush it with a suitable solvent. Which solvent depends on which resin. For most epoxy resins, methanol, ethanol or isopropanol will work. As a practical matter, over decades of working in labs with resins, I just used disposal plastic pipettes, as my time was worth more than the pipette (around $0.25). (The customer was charged $175 per hour for my time and the use of the laboratory facility.)


How long should I autoclave pipette tips?

Dry time may need to be increased for enclosed items such as pipette tips or bottles with lids. Liquids (add 10–20 minutes for crowded items): Less than 500 milliliters (ml): 30 minutes. 500 ml – 1 liter: 40 minutes.

How do you autoclave glass pipettes?

If you can seal it once. And then twice on that we can put them in this is a sealing machine and it will heat the end. So that it seals the end to make it look bad just push down on it.


Can you autoclave Eppendorf pipette tips?

Pipette tips, racks and reloads are damaged and deformed if they are autoclaved in their packaging. Remove the packaging foil before autoclaving. Do not use any additional disinfectants before autoclaving the boxes and racks.

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