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Why Do You Prerinse Pipette Tips

Posted on April 21, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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Pre-rinsing pipette tips is a good practice for any lab. It increases the humidity inside the tip, which reduces sample loss due to evaporation, and it equilibrates the temperature of the pipette and sample. Moreover, it improves the accuracy of the dispensed liquid. Inaccurate pipetting can occur if the tip is not immersed deeply enough into the liquid. Too deep a plunger will result in clinging of the sample to the outside of the tip, while too little will lead to air aspiration.

To improve pipetting accuracy, you should ensure that you use pipettes calibrated for room temperature. Liquids that are higher or lower than this will affect the accuracy of the dispensed volume. Besides, temperature changes can cause different liquids to become denser or thinner. Therefore, you should always store pipettes in an upright position on a pipetting support. When you don't use them, you should place them in a closed cabinet for safekeeping.

To improve the quality of pipettes, you should make sure that you buy universally fitting, high-quality tips for all samples. After you have bought a pipette, be sure to check the tip before aspirating the sample. Since pipettes are designed for single-use, it is important to change the tips before aspirating a sample. However, it is important to keep in mind that pipettes should be calibrated annually, as lower temperatures affect their accuracy.

If you need to dispense smaller volumes, it is essential to use high-quality pipettes with high-quality tips. Although the manufacturer's recommended tips are still the best, you can still use a variety of brands, if they are proven to work with a particular model. But when you are unsure, you should always try a few alternatives, such as the cheaper versions from online retailers.

Before you aspirate a sample, make sure that the pipette is fitted properly with the correct size tip. Using a universal tip will ensure that the pipette will work reliably. The tip is crucial in improving accuracy. You should always check it before aspirating a sample. And keep in mind that the volume of the liquid will differ depending on the temperature of the liquid.

To get the highest accuracy, you must use high-quality pipettes and a quality universal fitting tip. You should always check the tip of a pipette before aspirating a sample. Changing the tips between samples is necessary for accuracy and reproducibility. Furthermore, the volume of the sample will vary if the pipes are not calibrated correctly. For this reason, it is important to pre-rinse the tips.

The most important thing to remember when pipetting a sample is to ensure the tip is the right size. It is essential to make sure that the tips are of high quality universal fit and do not have sharp edges. It is also important to ensure the accuracy of the pipette calibration. As mentioned above, pipettes can drift in accuracy. They should be calibrated annually. Ideally, you should have a calibrated balance for your lab to ensure that you are dispenseing the correct volumes.

You should also remember that the tip of a pipette should be seated at room temperature. Working with liquids at temperatures significantly higher or lower than room temperature will alter the accuracy of pipetting. The volume will increase, which can cause inaccuracies in the result. It is also vital to use a universal fitting tip that will fit both types of pipes. Unlike a plastic tube, a stainless steel pipette will fit any shaped specimen.

During the pre-rinse process, the tip is rinsed with the liquid. It is essential to remove excess liquid from a pipette. This will cause a decrease in the volume dispensed. This will reduce the precision of the measurements. It is also crucial to clean the tips after each use. After the tip is washed, it is important to keep the container upright to avoid accidental spills.

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