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Why Don't You Blow the Liquid From the Tip of a Pipette?

Posted on March 18, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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One of the most common questions we get asked during a scientific experiment is, "Why don't you blow the liquid out of the tip of a pipette?" This problem is often caused by solid material that gets stuck in the nozzle. We have tried to break this material with a wire, but that failed as well. We have tried spraying water into the upper neck of the pipette, but this did not move the solid material. In that case, we need to blow the liquid out of the tip of the pipette.

To use a pipette properly, make sure you use it with a cap on the mouth. Remember that volumetric pipettes are designed to deliver a specific volume of liquid, not a large volume. A pipette's tip is meant to be held against the receiving vessel and not blown out, so don't blow it out!

When using a volumetric pipette, don't blow out the liquid from the tip. The reason for this is that this is because the volumetric pipettes are calibrated to include some solution that remains at the tip due to surface tension. This means that the volumetric pipette should be used with the cap tightly on the mouth, and then the liquid should drain from the bottom of the pipette.

The volumetric pipette is not meant to be blown out; its tip should be left in the solution to ensure the exact volume of the sample. To ensure accuracy, you should always use the right tip for the liquid you're collecting. A good tip should be shaped like a drinking straw.

A volumetric pipette can be used to draw out liquid from any liquid. Unlike a drinking straw, a volumetric pipette is used to measure a small volume of liquid. The tip is designed to allow a small amount of liquid to pass through. The tip should not be squeezed to empty a volumetric pipette.

The volumetric pipette is designed to measure a volume in a volumetric way. Therefore, it should not be squeezed. The liquid should be allowed to drain out and you should not blow out the liquid from the tip of the pipette. You should let it drip out through the bottom and avoid the tip from being blown out.

Whenever you are dispensing a volumetric pipette, make sure to use the proper tip for the volume of liquid you want to extract. This is crucial for accurate and consistent results. The tip of pipette should always be pushed against the side of the receiving vessel. When using a volumetric pipette, it is imperative to hold the tip in place and not to squeeze it or blow the liquid out of it.

A volumetric pipette is calibrated based on the amount of liquid you need to transfer. This is why it is important to never try to blow out the liquid from a volumetric pipette. As a matter of fact, a bottle of volumetric liquid will remain in the tip of the tubette because the lid is sealed tightly and does not allow any air to escape.

If you are wondering why you shouldn't blow out the liquid from a pipette, it's probably because you're using a volumetric pipette incorrectly. A volumetric pipette has been calibrated for a certain amount of liquid. However, the tip of a pipette isn't designed to be blown out. It is meant to be sucked out using a sterile and a cap that is tightly closed.

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