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Why Only Sterile Pipette Tips Are Used in the Lab

Posted on April 25, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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In the laboratory, sterile pipette tips are critical to ensuring the best results. They help to reduce contamination by reducing DNA and RNase contamination. Besides, sterile pipette tips provide precise measurements. Hamilton Tips, for example, have an extremely high accuracy rate and are the most commonly used in the lab. They also help to ensure the sterility of your samples.

One of the most important benefits of sterile pipette tips is that they prevent contamination from sample-to-sample contamination. These single-use tips prevent bacterial and other aerosol particles from entering the pipette body. As a result, the pipette shafts are protected from cross contamination. In fact, this is the number one reason why only sterile pipette tips are used in the laboratory.

In addition to reducing cross-contamination, sterile pipette tips are also used to ensure better results. While non-sterile pipette tips are widely used in scientific research, only sterile ones are used in the laboratory. This is because sterile pipette tips contain no DNA, RNase, ATP, or pyrogens. These sterile pipette tips are better for the performance of sensitive assays.

In the laboratory, liquid handling is a daily process that is made easier by the use of pipette tips. Using these single-use instruments reduces the need for complicated instruments. While pipette tips are typically disposable, they can be reusable. However, the sterility of the tips is dependent on the type of experiment being conducted. When performing sterile experiments, it is essential to use only sterile pipette tip.

The use of sterile pipette tips is vital for the performance of sensitive assays. In the laboratory, different types of liquids require various types of sterile pipette tips. For sensitive assays, only sterile pipette tips are used. They are used in university laboratories as well as high-tech science research centers. The sterility of these tips is important for the accuracy of the results.

Using sterile pipette tips in the laboratory helps ensure the quality of the samples. They prevent the risk of contamination and waste reagents. These sterile tips are gamma-radiated to kill any biological contaminants. They are preferred for sensitive assays. Molecular Biology Products sell sterile pipette tips that are suited to the needs of the lab.

Using sterile pipette tips for sensitive experiments is essential to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Moreover, sterile pipete tips are free from DNA, RNase, ATP, pyrogens and other living organisms. These factors make sterile pipette tips preferred for laboratories. The benefits of sterile tips are clear and affordable.

Using non-sterile pipette tips in the lab is safe and effective. These tips are used in applications that are not sensitive to contamination. While autoclaving is effective in removing DNase and RNase, it is not effective in preventing contamination. Consequently, sterile pipette tips are preferred for sensitive and non-critical applications. There are many benefits of using these tips in the lab.


Using sterile pipette tips in the lab improves reproducibility. Despite the fact that sterile pipette tips are environmentally-friendly, they can contain contaminants in liquid samples. Because of this, it is crucial to avoid the use of non-sterile tips. These non-sterile pipete tips are not certified, which is problematic when using them.

For biological work, pipette tips must be sterile. The use of sterile pipette tips prevents the contamination of sample samples. In the lab, sterile pipette tips are required for sensitive assays. Moreover, they should be autoclavable to eliminate any risk of endotoxins. Unlike autoclaved tips, a contaminated tip may result in a bad result.

The sterility of pipette tips is vital for the success of biological experiments. By using sterile pipette tips, researchers can prevent the cross-contamination and achieve better results. Because they do not contain DNA and RNase, sterile pipette tips are preferred in the laboratory. They also reduce the possibility of contamination of the liquid samples in the lab.

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