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Why Should You Not Use Pipettes With Broken Tips

Posted on April 23, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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The tip on a pipette is the most important part of a pipette and should be replaced after it breaks or gets cracked. Many labs are prone to double-dipping, a practice where one tip is used to draw and dispense the same sample. This can cause contamination and can lead to inaccurate results. The replacement of a pipette tip is relatively inexpensive and saves the expense of redoing an entire experiment.

Pipettes with broken tips should not be used in laboratories. Even if you don't use the same one, the glass tip may still be able to dispense a sample. In a previous day, chemists often used pipettes like straws, placing their mouth over the open tip to suck up a sample. Unfortunately, this practice can lead to dangerous chemicals and fumes.

While it is easy to replace the pipettes' tips, it's recommended that you never use those with broken tips. A broken tip can make the volume of a sample inaccurate, resulting in inaccurate results. If you're unsure if a broken tip will affect the volume of a sample, replace it with a new one. You can also replace the o-ring on the pipette and wear gloves.

It is best to always clean your pipettes before using them. For example, some labs reserve one set of pipettes for "general use" and the other for "reference" purposes. This way, the risk of contamination is eliminated. Furthermore, the damage to the tip will not affect the quality of the sample, and your lab will be free of any errors. In order to avoid these problems, it is important to clean your pipes properly.

To prevent the risks of contamination, you should ensure the tip is attached more securely to the pipette. This will avoid the pipette from jamming and breaking, which will damage the pipette's shaft. In addition, you should always pre-wet the tip to prevent evaporation. If you are not sure about the tip's size, you can try changing it with a new one.

When you use a pipette with broken tip, you should check the tip's accuracy and precision before you use it. If it has been damaged, it will cause a problem with the chemistry and the sample. It may also be dangerous for the health of others. In fact, the tips will not work correctly if you don't use them properly. A good pipette tip is one that is attached securely to the pipette shaft.

Pipettes are extremely important to the process of preparing samples. The accurate measurement of liquids depends on accurate pipette tips. Whether the tip has a broken tip is not an issue if you have the right tools. If the pipette is damaged, you can always replace it with a new one. If you have a broken tip, you can easily repair it by replacing the o-ring with a new one.

If a pipette tip is broken, you should immediately take it to a professional. The pipettes can be repaired easily by replacing the o-ring. But if the tip is damaged, you must use the correct technique. Hence, you should always use the correct method to obtain a desired result. You should avoid repeated measurements of the same sample if you want to get a reliable sample.

You should not use the pipettes with broken tips if you need to perform calibration. The tips of a pipette can easily get damaged. They need to be repaired or calibrated so that they can provide the same results. Therefore, if you need to perform a calibration, you should not use a pipette with broken tip. If you need to do so, you should replace the o-ring.

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