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Why Use Filter Pipette Tips?

Posted on March 31, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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Shortage of pipette tips is slowing US COVID-19 testing

Widespread COVID-19 testing has fuelled the shortage, with the average test requiring four pipette tips. With the US carrying out roughly 1 million tests per day, demand for pipette tips is enormous. Pipette tips help speed the testing process and without them, some people have had to wait days or weeks to get their COVID-19 test results. A recent survey by the Association of Public Health Laboratories found that more than 20 percent of the 72 institutions surveyed will run out of at least one item required for testing within a week, according to the Times. "It’s a merry-go-round of shortages," Karissa Culbreath, the scientific director of infectious disease, research and development at a New Mexico lab told the Times. "Just when we think we’ve dealt with one issue, another challenge pops up."


Filter Tips are an Essential Part of Covid19 Testing

To reduce the risk of aerosol-based contamination, only filter pipette tips can be used. As the current situation is alarming, one cannot risk the chances of getting false readings. If by any chance, the sample gets contaminated, the subsequent copies become inaccurate leading to an incorrect diagnosis. As there are a large number of samples that need to be tested rapidly and effectively, testing centres have been directed by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to use filter pipette tips. This eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between the samples and also keeps the lab personnel and equipment safe from contamination.


Filter Tips: An Essential Requirement for Covid-19 Testing

Fit testing confirms the fit of any respirator that forms a tight seal on the user’s face before it is used in the workplace. This ensures that users are receiving the expected level of protection by minimizing contaminant leakage into the facepiece. When a respirator does not fit properly, a portion of the air you breathe can bypass the respirator’s filter and enter your breathing airstream through breaks in the seal of the respirator along your face. If this happens, you may be exposed to harmful pathogens in the environment. In a similar vein, it is important to wear the respirator at all times during the exposure because even short periods of exposure substantially reduces your protection.

Pipette tip filters for laboratory testing

Pipette tip filters for laboratory testing. Porex manufactures aerosol barrier filters for pipette tips found in laboratory testing instruments. If your lab budget allows, we always recommend using filter pipette tips. The tiny filters will protect pipettes. Pipette tip filters for laboratory testing - Madison Industries Pipette tip filters for laboratory testing Porex manufactures aerosol barrier filters for pipette tips found in laboratory testing instruments. These filters prevent cross-contamination between patient samples and protect laboratory personnel and equipment from contamination. The inherent strength and hardness of Vyon ® pipette tip filters means they are able to withstand up to 70% more compression than conventional porous plastic materials making them ideal for hardwearing automated assembly. Cut-to-Seal Manufactured to tight tolerances (+/- 0.1mm) ensures a sealed fit, every time.


Significance Of Filter Tips For Conducting Covid Testing

Filter tips help keep the covid sample in place and free from disclosure. This way, the chances of infecting others become minimum. Moreover, the testing of the Covid specimen needs to be kept in equipment that is completely filtered and virus-free. For this reason, filter tips are the best option to carry out Covid specimen tests. The simplest workflow we present may allow SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR testing at point-of-care settings. This test could become an important clinical tool for Covid-19 diagnosis and management in a time when the world desperately needs fast, reliable, low-cost, and rapidly deployable SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic capabilities.


FAQ of Pipette Tips

Do you need filter tips?

Every time you aspirate liquid, aerosols are generated inside the pipette tip. If you don't use filter tips, these aerosols may contaminate your pipette and, consequently, your next samples – even if you change tips in between.


What is the importance of using a filtered pipette tip?

Filtered pipette tips help to reduce the risk of aerosols forming in the laboratory. They also protect the pipette shafts from contamination and reduce the risk of cross contamination. These pipette tips are often used in contamination sensitive applications such as forensics and clinical diagnostics.

What is the use of filter tips?

Filter tips are used to prevent cross contamination or “carry over” from one sample to another. When samples are aspirated into a pipette tip, a fine mist or “aerosol” is created, which can get into the pipette. Even after changing the tip, the aerosol can contaminate the next sample.


Are filter pipette tips autoclavable?

The filter pipette tip is best price and great quality. DNase/RNase free. Autoclaving caution: Do not exceed 121ºC / 250ºF, 15PSI, 15 minutes.


When should you use filtered pipette tips?

Sterile Filter Tips: A filter tip is beneficial when the assay is sensitive to cross-contamination or the sample can contaminate the lower part of the pipette. The filter prevents liquid from splashing accidentally inside the pipette and aerosols from penetrating into the pipette tip cone during pipetting.

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