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Why Would You Expose Pipette Tip to Air?

Posted on March 20, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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One of the most common crimes against pipettes is exposing the tip to air. Many people don't understand the intricacies of the device and choose the wrong type of tip for their experiment. There are many types of tips, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. This article will explain each type of pipette tip and the reasons why you should avoid exposing pipette tips to air if you're trying to get the best results.

A quality pipette tip must follow strict hygiene standards and procedures to ensure the safety of the user. For instance, it should be sterile, free from endotoxins and able to withstand repeated use. The pipette tip should also be packaged in a sterile container in bulk. This way, it's more likely to prevent contamination. To prevent contamination, a good pipette tip should have a high-quality, universal design.

There are many factors that make a pipette tip useful. Aside from its general design, it must also be accurate and precise. Ergonomics are important factors when choosing a pipette tip. It should be easy to use and able to absorb the desired liquid volume. Rainin ergonomic pipettes are not only comfortable to use, but also fit properly. A proper fit is crucial when selecting a pipette.

Pipette tips should be stored under UV light or in a storage rack with its lid closed. The latter is ideal, because the UC light can crack the tips. Exposure to UV light can erode the internal sealing ring in a pipette tip, resulting in compromised accuracy. So, it's important to select an ergonomic tip for your experiment. Just make sure you are using it correctly.

The most important reason to use a pipette tip is because it makes it easier to do the job. A properly fitted pipette tip should be clean and free of endotoxins. It should fit properly to prevent leaking and contamination. In addition, it must be accurate and durable. An ergonomic tip should have a seal against air. A rounded tip will not allow liquid to escape when it comes to it.

A pipette tip is a simple instrument used for transferring liquid volume accurately. They come in many varieties. From the simple plastic tube to the precise electronic instruments, they all share the same purpose. The tip is the most important part of a pipette, so it should be carefully chosen. There are several factors to consider when choosing a tip. The most important factor is the quality of the tip.

The tip is the part that transfers the liquid volume accurately. A simple plastic tube can be a great tool, but a faulty tip can lead to errors. It is also not good for the accuracy of the sample. Its quality will be affected when it is exposed to air.

The top of a pipette must be sterile and should not be exposed to air. A pipette is made of plastic and may have a flexible metal. A rubber tip can break, which can cause the sample to leak. Therefore, a plastic pipette should be sterile and sealed to avoid air exposure. Moreover, a tube should be made of a durable material.


Another reason why you should never expose the pipette tip to air is to avoid air leaks. Whether you are using a plastic tube or an electronic pipette, both will have some level of air in the barrel. This will cause your sample to escape the correct volume. When preparing a lab for a procedure, it is essential to avoid accidental spills. If the liquid is not properly sterile, it will not be effective.

The best way to avoid contaminating your samples with air is to avoid using pipettes with wide orifice tips. These are best for working with viscous or high-surface-tension liquids. They can be contaminated with air and may even cause repetitive stress injuries. To avoid these risks, pipettes should be kept sterilized. For more information, visit the pipette manufacturer's website.

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