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Why Would You Need a Clean Pipette Tip Gel Electrophoresis

Posted on March 18, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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Pipette tips are very important in gel electrophoresis. It is responsible for conducting the electrical current and keeping the gel from drying. A clean pipette tip is very important because it eliminates contamination risks. When performing gel electrophoresis, it is important to use a pipette with a clean tip. Here are some tips to ensure the tip is clean:

- Use a stainless steel tip. You don't want to use a plastic or rubber pipette tip. You can buy one that has a stainless steel tip. It will be useful in the electrophoresis process because a clean tip will help you avoid contamination. Make sure that you've cleaned the pipette before using it for the experiment.

- Use a clean pipette tip for gel electrophoresis. The gel contains buffer and DNA. You load the samples into the mold and keep them barely submerged in the buffer. During the procedure, you must make sure that the gel is fully submerged in the buffer. Then, you must set the voltage to 75-90 V. The entire procedure takes 20-25 minutes. Generally, it is important to use a pipette with a clean tip for gel electrophoresis. It should be at least 5 mm deep to ensure proper flow. After applying the buffer, the samples should be loaded into the wells on the left side and the DNA ladder in the middle.

- Make sure that your pipette tip is clean and has a clean pipette. If your pipette tip is dirty, you may have to repeat the experiment again. Luckily, gel electrophoresis is a very simple procedure, and it will allow you to analyze your samples in no time. With a clean pipette, you can avoid a messy result. Using a dirty pipette tip can lead to contamination, which can lead to poor results. Always make sure that the pipette tip is cleaned before conducting gel electrophoresis. Keeping the tip clean is also essential for ensuring that the sample is safe and sterile. A dirty tip will cause the results to be inaccurate, causing your work to be in vain. A clean pipette tip will make a difference in your results. This will help you get the right result every time.

- Make sure that the tip is sterile. You must also have a clean pipette tip when performing gel electrophoresis. The gel loading tips must be dry before preparing the sample for the procedure. The syringe should be free of debris. Moreover, it must be free of dandruff or other contaminants.

- Prepare the samples before doing the gel electrophoresis. Having a clean pipette tip is essential when using gel electrophoresis. In order to do this, you should wash the tube in hot water. If you are using a small sample, you should only use one pipete tip for gel electrophoresis. After cleaning your pipette tip, you can start the procedure by loading the sample. The gel should be barely submerged in the buffer. This buffer is crucial to prevent the gel from drying. The pH level of the buffer is a key factor in the success of gel electrophoresis.

- Make sure the gel is cold enough to run the electrophoresis. If it is too hot, it will cause the sample to melt. In addition, make sure to place the gel in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. Then, you should add the loading buffer to the samples. If the samples are DNA-based, you will need to add the samples to two or three different gels to avoid mixing.

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