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Will Hexanes Dissolve Pipette Tips

Posted on April 23, 2022 by Pipette Tip 
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The question is: Will hexanes dissolve pipett tip material? The answer to that question will vary depending on the type of solvent and the type of pipette used. The answer will depend on the solvent. Generally, polypropylene is resistant to halogenated solvents and polypropylene-based pipette tips are not affected by these chemicals.

In laboratory use, most pipettes use positive displacement and air displacement principles. The liquid flows through a small air cushion between the piston and the liquid. The elasticity of the air cushion is dependent on the characteristics of the liquid and the conditions of the lab. The presence of volatile solvents will have an impact on the elasticity of the air cushion. In addition, evaporation will expand the column of air inside the pipette, which will contaminate the bench and the internal parts.

In addition to solvents, hexanes can also corrode metal pipes, which make them unsuitable for use in laboratories. These volatile compounds are not compatible with plastic pipettes, and they must be cleaned using 70 percent ethanol after use. Vapors of hexanes can affect automated pipette controllers. So, it's essential to check pipettes every day. If you have problems with your tip, it's best to use a new tip.

It's important to remember that volatile solvents can cause your pipette tips to corrode. Therefore, it's better to use pipettes with a glass serological tip to prevent this problem. This way, you won't end up with a leaky device. You can also make sure that your tip is cleaned by washing it in 70 percent ethanol. This will ensure that it's ready for your next experiments.

Besides the tip, you should also check your pipettes to avoid any accidental spills. They are recommended for single-use only. If you need to reuse your tips, you should clean them with 70 percent ethanol. However, hexanes do not dissolve the tip, so you can safely re-use the tips. So, it's best to purchase a new pipette.

Thermo pipette tips are reusable and are calibrated to ensure accurate results. These tips are made of virgin polypropylene and will not hexanes dissolve pipettte tips. They are intended for single-use. You shouldn't clean them for reuse. If you do, it could damage the tip. This is a risk. You should not reuse the pipette.

For a single-use pipete, it's best to pre-wette it first. This will prevent air bubbles from forming inside the tip. If the sample is already pre-wetted, it will be under-dispensed. But if you're working with a mixture that has a high viscosity, you'll want to make sure the pipette is not overheated.

In case of a single-use pipette, it's safe to use hexanes in the same way as hexanes. This solvent is compatible with most glass serological pipettes. If you're working with volatile solvents, you must clean the tip with ethanol. The vapors from the solvent can contaminate the sample. Nevertheless, this solvent won't damage your sample.

Hexanes can cause leaks. As a result, the pipette should be used with care. It should be cleaned with a solvent such as 70 percent ethanol. It should be used only one time before it needs to be washed again. In case of a spill, you should use a clean and dry tip. In case of a solvent that contains volatile components, it may be contaminated with hexanes.

A solution that contains hexanes can swell a polypropylene pipette tip. It can cause a hexanes solution to swell the tip. The best solution is a non-halogenated solvent. When the solution is a volatile one, the hexanes should be in a separate container. The tip should be placed at an angle and be removed from the solution.

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